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Plastic Plates

Plastic Plates are perfect when it comes to dress a table in an easy, comfortable and quick way. Because of its disposable tableware condition, these plastic plates will save you time and money. In this section we present a very complete range of Disposable Plates, as well as Reusable Plates. You will find transparent, white, black, red, pink, lilac (and a long etcetera) Plastic Plates; under a great variety of materials, designs and forms. We invite you to have a look through our round and square Economical Plastic Plates; PET Presentation Plates and Plastic Under Plates; FOAM Plates; round and square PS Hard Plates; Color Plastic Plates; Microwaveable Plastic Plates categories; and an impressive collection of Design Plates: PS Hard Synthetic Slate Plates, PS Design "Shape" Hard Plates, PP Premium Round Hard Plates, Premium Square Plates and Premium Nice PP Hard Plates.

Biodegradable Plates

Biodegradable Plates are an ecological, sustainable and effective solution for food service. The Ecological Disposable Plates that you will find in this category, will allow you to present an elegant table in any party, catering or event, without leaving behind the design and the sophistication, but taking care of the Environment. Chinet Pulp Plates, Bio Sugar Cane Plates, Wheat Pulp Plates, Paper Plates, Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Plates, Cardboard Plates and "Party" Cardboard Plates make up a wide range of Ecological Tableware that offers a multitude of options when it comes to decorate your table. Enjoy these Disposable Products outdoors, among friends, or at an important business meeting. Take a look at our Biodegradable Plates and discover that sustainability, design and value can go hand by hand.

Plastic Bowls

In our catalogue of Plastic Bowls you will find a great variety of models. Ideal for creams, desserts and snacks, these Disposable Bowls seek to meet any need, so we have Square Plastic Bowls, FOAM Bowls, Plastic Salad Bowls, Plastic Tasting Bowls and even Bowls with the possibility of carrying a lid.

Biodegradable Bowls

Enjoy pleasant broths, delicious creams or delicate mousses with any of our varied Biodegradable Bowls, ideal to give a touch of distinction to your party without damaging the environment. In Sugar Cane, Chinet and Cardboard, a large assortment of flexible, extra rigid and unbreakable bowls. In short, from MonoUso we offer you a wide collection of different bowls that will help you to present from snack to delicious desserts. In hotels, restaurants, caterings and Take Away food services Bowls have become the most economical and hygienic substitute to traditional Plastic Deep Plate.

Plastic Trays

Plastic Trays are the main focus in the presentation of food in a catering, event or celebration. These Disposable Trays are the most elegant, hygienic and comfortable way to show culinary creations that will captivate all guests. PET Presentation Trays, Hard PS Trays, Microwavable PP Trays, Trays with Compartments, Trays with Lid, FOAM Trays, Economical PS Trays and Fast Food Plastic Trays complete our range of Plastic Trays with which you will have a perfect Disposable Tableware for any occasion. There's no doubt we are in front of a wide offer of Plastic Trays that will help you become the best host.