Pine Leaf Trays

Pine Flake Nozzles are the most popular Mini Catering Trays when serving food with sauces or syrups that could spill in a flat container.

Our Pine Leaf Catering Trays, hand made and 100% ecological, will give distinction and beauty to your reception. Widely used at outdoor events, the Pine Flake Trays will merge nature with the culinary delights presented on them.

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Manufactured from thin sheets of Pine Leaf, the Biodegradable Presentation Trays are the most ecological Catering Accessories you will find on the market.

The great resistance and durability of these Pine Flake Boats make this Disposable Tableware a product that could be used several times before being discarded.

As if the food was served from the leaf itself, our Mini Pine Flake Trays can be considered one of the most natural products you will find in our catalogue. With no chemical additives or compressions, you will see how when you visualize the Pine Flake Boats the grains of the wood itself are drawn before your eyes.

If you wish to complement these trays with 100% natural products from the same range, do not hesitate to consult our catalogue of Biodegradable Miniatures.

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