Disposable Vacuum Bottles

The Cardboard Disposable Thermos flask is a new system for packaging and transporting liquids in a simple way. They are also known as Bag in Box. The Disposable Thermos flasks are composed of two elements: the flexible and hermetic plastic bag, to guarantee that the liquid is not transferred; and, the cardboard box with a tap, to protect the bag and give it stability. This is why they are known as the 2 in 1 Cardboard Disposable Thermos flask, as it is used for both transporting and serving drinks. The plastic bag maintains the temperature of the liquid for approximately two hours, while the structure of the box allows it to be transported comfortably.

The Bag in Box can be used for hot and cold drinks. It maintains the temperature of the liquid for up to 2 hours and is hermetically sealed thanks to its screw cap. Therefore, the Cardboard Disposable Thermos flask is very useful for Catering.

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What temperatures can the Cardboard Disposable Thermoses withstand?

The Cardboard Disposable Thermos flasks are capable of withstanding liquids of up to approximately 90º. They keep the broth at that temperature for 2 hours and, after that time, it can go down to 60º, depending on the room temperature at which the event takes place.

What is a thermos flask?

They are isothermal containers entirely made of flexible and hermetic plastic and specially designed for the distribution of liquid and semi-liquid foods. Recommended for first courses: soups, creams, sauces, stews, etc., which are introduced directly into the box and can be transported both hot and cold.

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