If you are looking to buy packaging for your poke restaurant, we have the perfect bowls, such as bamboo or palm leaf bowls. These 100% vegetable materials combine very well with the healthy spirit of this recipe. We have a wide range of professional poke supplies for serving poke on the premises, take away or delivery. In addition to our selection of the best poke bowls (with or without lid), we offer you all the products you need for a complete service: chopsticks, paper napkins or sauce pots.

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Poké Containers

Reusable Hard Plastic Bowls

Biodegradable Bowls

Ecological Sauce Containers

Round Sugarcane Containers

Biodegradable Cutlery

Paper Napkins

Individual Tablecloth 30x40cm and 35x50cm

Looking for all the disposables you need for your poke restaurant? At Monouso we present you with the largest selection of bowls, pots and cutlery made of different materials for outstanding service.

The origin of this healthy recipe can be traced back to Hawaii. On this extracontinental American island it emerged as a complete fisherman's meal. It consisted of chopped raw fish plus seaweed and local vegetables.

Over the years, the dish has evolved as the world's other cuisines have impacted on the island of Hawaii. Nowadays, this kind of salad usually consists of a bed of rice on which rest the rest of the ingredients such as diced tuna and raw salmon or tofu, vegetables, fruits and, finally, a dressing of sauces and seeds.

If you have an establishment specialising in this American delicacy or you have included it among the options on your menu, in this category you will find the essential professional products for poke restaurants . Whether you want to serve it in your premises, or if you want items for take away or delivery.

Businesses serving this Hawaiian preparation are becoming more and more common. The freshness of the ingredients and unique combinations make them one of the most popular trends in take away services. We're sure your customers won't stop growing!

At Monouso we have the best packaging for your poke restaurant, because as well as flavour, presentation is also important. This dish is usually served in a bowl. In our online shop we have sugar cane poke bowls and salad bowls, including the popular buddha bowls, which are biodegradable and compostable. With them you will obtain very attractive presentations and very convenient for your customers to consume.

You also have other options such as bamboo or palm leaf bowls. Some of these alternatives are distributed with matching lids, which allows you to use them both for serving in the establishment and for preparing your take-away orders.

Our catalogue has been selected with all the packaging, tableware and kitchenware you need to start your poke business. Among the hundreds of references you will find in this section, you are sure to find the pot you have in mind. Isn't it? Contact us, our customer service team will be happy to advise you on your purchase.

Monouso, supplier of supplies for poke restaurants

In our online shop you can buy everything you need to supply your take away and delivery in your poke establishment. From bowls to cutlery, count on Monouso to surround you with the highest quality products at the best prices. Take advantage of our quantity discounts and save on your large orders.

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