Plastic Mini Serving Cups

Tasting Cups, Tasting Cups or Canapés Cups are disposable plastic cups used in cocktail and catering services where they serve as containers to present culinary delights and other liquids.Made of polystyrene, their great similarity to the Crystal Cups makes them unique, as they perform the same service, but in this case they do not scratch or wear out because they are Disposable Tasting Cups.

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From MonoUso we offer you a wide range of special Tasting Cups with original shapes that can be used in different events and occasions. They can be served with champagne, sorbets, cold soups or used in a welcome cocktail, guaranteeing a surprise effect.

Our Plastic Tasting Cups, also known as Cocktail Cups, seek to cover different uses, so we offer a wide range of Disposable Cups, both in different shapes and colors, as well as the possibility of adding lids. Not to mention that our Plastic Cups can be customized.

You can complete a good catering service with our range of special Miniature Tasting Cups such as Plastic Spoons for Presentation or Finger Food Bags.

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