Pleated Paper Souffle Cup

Looking for an elegant and versatile way to present sauces, small desserts and tastings in your professional kitchen? Look no further! Our pleated paper cups are the perfect solution to give your dishes the right presentation every time.

With different sizes and colours available, our trays adapt to your needs and the aesthetics of your establishment. Do you prefer a small, discreet tub for an exquisite bonbon? Or maybe you need a larger, more eye-catching tub to highlight a delicious sauce? It's up to you.

  • Present sauces and small desserts
  • Resistant
  • Maximum hygiene for your customers
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Pleated paper pots, practical and versatile

Are you tired of sauce spills during service? At Monouso we have the perfect solution for you! Pleated paper cups provide safe and efficient protection for your sauces and condiments, ensuring that your food reaches its destination intact and delicious.

And that's not all, pleated paper cups are the perfect packaging for a wide variety of products! From sauces and condiments to small tasting products and desserts such as chocolates or chocolate truffles, the possibilities are endless!

But what exactly are pleated paper cups? They are paper containers with a characteristic and practical design, with a cylindrical shape, ideal for packaging and serving small foods and other products. Made of resistant paper, their folds give them greater rigidity, which makes them easy to handle. In addition, their design allows for unparalleled convenience in serving.

You can comfortably serve all kinds of sauces and condiments, both hot and cold, in your premises without worrying about transporting them or their presentation at the table. And thanks to its resistance to heat and grease, the product will remain in perfect condition until it is consumed.

And wait, because if you need more resistant and easy to transport sauce containers, at Monouso we have cardboard sauce pots. These containers are specially designed to protect your sauces and condiments during transport, ensuring they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Monouso's sustainable pleated paper cups

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, sustainable pleated paper cups are a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. The paper used in their manufacture comes from responsibly managed forests, which ensures sustainable management of forest resources. They are also recyclable, reducing the environmental impact of the waste generated.

For this, and much more, pleated paper cups are a smart choice for packaging your products. Their practical design, strength and commitment to the environment make them ideal for any type of business. Choose pleated paper cups as your packaging solution and make a difference!

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