Plastic Bowls

In our catalogue of Plastic Bowls you will find a great variety of models. Ideal for creams, desserts and snacks, these Disposable Bowls seek to meet any need, so we have Square Plastic Bowls, FOAM Bowls, Plastic Salad Bowls, Plastic Tasting Bowls and even Bowls with the possibility of carrying a lid.

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Clear Hard PS Plastic Bowls

Present your creams and snacks with our Hard Plastic Bags. These Disposable Bowls, more sophisticated and modern than the traditional Economy Plastic Bags, are ideal for catering where more gourmet style food is served. Manufactured in highly resistant and durable Polystyrene, the Hard Glass PS Plastic Bags will ensure that you can offer a clean and elegant service.

FOAM Bowls

These Thermal FOAM Bags are the best ally to keep the temperature of the food in the most economical way, since they will save you a lot of time after the holidays and celebrations because they are disposable bags. Manufactured in Expanded Polystyrene, the Thermal Bowls are difficult to break and able to support the weight of the food without problems. In addition, the lamination of these Plastic Bags makes them waterproof, ideal for sauces, creams and sorbets.

PP Plastic Microwave Safe Bowls

The Microwaveable Plastic Bags are the most resistant Plastic Bowls as far as Disposable Dishes are concerned. These Unbreakable Bags, made of Polypropylene, have qualities that could perfectly equate to any traditional dish bowl, as they are suitable for heating food in the microwave and, even though we at MonoUso recognize that they are Single Use, they can also be reused, as they can be put in the dishwasher without deforming or spoiling. 

Plastic Salad Bowls

The Plastic Salad Bowls are the ideal packaging to present your vegetable and fruit cocktails, as well as salads of all kinds and ingredients. These Disposable Bowls are perfect for chairing the table and for guests to serve themselves the amount they want. Made of polystyrene, with great rigidity and resistance, the Salad Bowls are ideal for hotel and restaurant businesses. We also have an extensive catalogue of these single-use salad bowls, from transparent, opaque or coloured, with or without a lid.

Coloured Plastic Bowls

The Coloured Plastic Bags are the special Plastic Bowls to liven up your parties. More cheerful and fun, this disposable tableware will bring life to any of your celebrations. There is a Coloured Plastic Bowl for every event or occasion, as in our catalogue you will find from Round Coloured Disposable Bowls to Square Coloured Plastic Bags. Customized, silk-screened or simply opaque, you decide what color you want to pour on your table.

In MonoUso we can offer you a wide range of plastic bowls with excellent quality and the best price on the Internet guaranteed. You can buy traditional Plastic Disposable Bowls in black and white, in different sizes and shapes. Also Plastic Bowls more innovative and sophisticated, in metallic tones and with different capacities, so they are adapted to any tastes and needs.

Our Plastic Bowls are suitable for all types of food, from the largest specially designed to serve salads and soups, from much smaller perfect for appetizers such as olives or nuts. And for parties full of color and joy we give you the possibility to buy Disposable Plastic Bowl in a wide variety of colors such as fuchsia, yellow, blue, purple or orange. We have as many Plastic Bowls as uses they have!

And if your business is catering, you can complement your table by adding what you will find in Trays, Cutlery, Cups, Plates and Special Miniatures for Tasting sections.

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