Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are used especially to avoid bacterial contamination and as a safety measure in food handling, industrial work and treatment of patients in their health problems and interventions. Our Disposable Gloves can be made of Embossed Polyethylene, Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile, each with special compositions to be used properly in each situation.

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What kind of disposable gloves do we offer at Monouso?
Disposable plastic gloves:

Embossed Polyethylene Gloves: Widely used in gas stations and self-service stores, these gloves have a density of 0.922%, are slightly rough and transparent and can be used on both hands.

Disposable Latex Gloves: Composed of a natural rubber derivative. Resistant and of high quality, it has a great capacity to transmit the touch in a natural way without appreciating that we are wearing it. These gloves are the most suitable for sensitive handling work and in surgical environments.

Vinyl gloves: Ideal for people who are allergic to latex, these gloves are the most economical and are widely used in the fields of cleaning, food industry or factories.

Nitrile Gloves: Synthetic and perfect for people who are allergic to latex. They are also highly valued, in spite of their resistance, because if they are pricked they break quickly completely, warning instantly of possible contamination.


Wondering where to buy disposable gloves online?
Monouso offers you the disposable gloves you are looking for. For examination, handling or safety, these professional cleaning products are 100% natural and prevent contamination and infection. Discover the disposable plastic gloves.

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