Chicken buckets

Cardboard Fried Chicken Buckets can withstand high temperatures and most importantly, they are Disposable Fried Chicken Buckets, which prevent oil from getting through the walls of the bucket, ensuring that customers do not get a drop of oil on them. In our catalogue you will find Chicken Buckets in different sizes, Lids for the Cardboard Buckets and the possibility of being able to personalize these Food Containers. 

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    Chicken Frying Cubes are cardboard frying cubes widely used in all types of fast food companies. They are convenient disposable cubes for fried chicken in different sizes and capacities that will make serving this type of food much easier. This type of bucket is specially designed to avoid grease and oil to pass through the wall of the bucket, so that the customer's hands are always clean.

    The world of take-away fried foods is a world in full expansion and the demand for this type of product is increasing more and more. This is why we have made sure to offer the best disposable cardboard fried chicken cubes on the market, thus ensuring that both our customers and yours will be completely satisfied with the container received.

    In MonoUso we always bet on quality and low prices, also thanks to our multiple payment systems and our excellent pre-sale and post-sale service all our customers are 100% satisfied, Check it out for yourself and discover why buying with MonoUso is synonymous with confidence and peace of mind.

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