Round Plastic Containers

Are you looking for a practical and sturdy solution to transport and protect your food or products? Round plastic containers are just what you need! With different materials for different uses, such as microwaveable PP for hot food and rPET for cold food, these plastic containers are a practical option for packaging your products.

And for extra safety, how about round containers with hinged lids? Protection is guaranteed! What's more, there are a wide variety of options to choose from depending on the type of food or product you want to pack.

  • Practical and versatile
  • For all types of food, both hot and cold
  • Compatible lid option for secure closure
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Microwavable Containers Round PP

rPet Round Plastic Containers

Round containers for hot and cold foods

Have you ever used a round plastic container to store food or products? If so, you've probably noticed how practical they can be.

And what makes these round containers so useful? Well, their round shape makes them easy to store and stack, which saves space on shelves and in kitchens. They are also break-resistant and leak-proof, making them ideal for transporting and storing food and products.

Round plastic containers made of different materials

Did you know that there are different types of materials for these containers depending on their use? Round plastic containers can be made of different types of plastic, which gives them different properties and makes them ideal for different uses.

  • On the one hand, we have round PP microwaveable containers, which are very useful for storing hot foods such as soups, stews, creams, among others. This is because PP plastic is a material resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for microwaves without deforming or losing its properties. In addition, these containers are very light and resistant, which makes them ideal for transporting and storing food.
  • On the other hand, rPET' s round containers are made from recycled plastic, which makes them an environmentally friendly and sustainable option. These containers are ideal for storing cold food, such as salads, fruit, desserts, among others, as the material does not deform or lose its properties at low temperatures.

It is important to mention that both PP and rPET microwaveable containers are suitable for food contact and comply with the standards and regulations established for their use. Therefore, they are a safe and reliable choice for food and product packaging.

Buy round plastic packaging from Monouso

Are you looking for the best choice in plastic packaging for your food or products? We have the perfect solution for you! At Monouso, you will find a wide variety of containers with hinged lids, which will guarantee maximum protection and convenience for your products.

But that's not all, our round containers are available in different sizes and models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. And don't worry about quality - our packaging complies with all established food contact standards and regulations.

Discover the wide range of packaging and other high quality products we have to offer, and get your products to their destination flawlessly!

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