Eco-Friendly Paper Napkins

If you are looking for paper napkins so that your customers can clean themselves comfortably and offer them an ecological alternative, made from biodegradable or compostable vegetable materials, this is your chance. With Monouso's ecological napkins, you will be able to meet their needs. They are characterised by being:

  • 100% sustainable: based on recycled cellulose and with a characteristic brown colour, which gives an extra sense of commitment to the environment.
  • Stackable and easy to store: organised in practical packs, which you can conveniently store, optimising space.
  • Versatile: they have a natural design, which provides an elegant and versatile touch, suitable for all types of businesses.
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Sustainable and recycled paper napkins

Imagine that you open the door of your favourite bar, sit down to enjoy your favourite drink and, as you wipe your lips after a delicious drink, you see that the napkins they use are recycled and ecological. Automatically, you will think that caring for the environment and nature is really important to them, don't you think? Undoubtedly, a way to connect directly with the clientele and provide valuable information about the principles and values of your business.

Their brown colour and softness characterise them: eco-friendly paper napkins stand out for their absorption capacity, resistance and fluffy appearance. Made from recycled cellulose fibres, they are environmentally friendly thanks to their raw materials, but also to their manufacturing process.

They are also biodegradable. Therefore, they disappear by the natural action of time, eliminating any polluting residue. It is necessary to bear in mind that recycled paper napkins are those that are manufactured from used paper, which is subjected to a recycling process to convert it into paper pulp. For this reason, this type of napkin is particularly sustainable, as it allows you to reuse paper that would otherwise end up in the rubbish bin.

Versatile napkins

Catering services, bars, cafés, bakeries, food trucks... Ecological paper napkins are the perfect option for any type of business due to their versatility. You can use them on different occasions and for complementary uses: dispensers at the bar and table, serving glasses, at lunches and meals, at tasting sessions...

You can enjoy a wide variety of sizes, layers and finishes, adapted to the needs of your customers and business.

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