Eco-Friendly Paper Napkins

Eco-friendly recycled paper napkins are made from 100% recycled cellulose and follow an environmentally friendly production process. These Biodegradable Napkins are one of the most demanded products nowadays, as a result of a growing sensitivity for the environment. The manufacture of products derived from recycled raw materials, such as Ecological Cellulose Napkins, is growing exponentially. In MonoUso you can find different formats of Eco-friendly Napkins to cover all your needs.

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Ecological paper is the result of an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that seeks to reduce environmental impact. Measures such as reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy such as water and air emissions, and the production of waste are part of the European Union's ecological policy. Therefore, we can say that Recycled Paper Napkins are an ecological product made of cellulose fibers. A paper that respects the environment both for its raw materials and its manufacturing process.

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How is this Recycled Paper obtained?

Recycled paper is an ecological product that is obtained after the treatment of cellulose fibers that are obtained from discarded paper to the garbage. In order to transform the used paper into a paper that is useful for daily use, it must go through a series of processes. The used paper is collected in special containers. After it has been collected, it must be taken to recycling plants where it is mixed with water to obtain a resulting pulp. This paper must then be mixed with chemical products to eliminate impurities and separate the cellulose fibres. Once several processes of elimination and separation of particles have been carried out, a light brown colour and soft touch is obtained with which all types of products can be manufactured such as ecological paper napkins, ecological cardboard cups...

The Ecological Paper Napkins have a characteristic brown color, are soft, fluffy, absorbent and resistant. This will vary according to the quality and number of layers of the paper. In MonoUso we have different formats of cellulose napkins that will cover your needs: Miniservis 17x17, Cocktail Napkins 20x20, Napkins 30x30 1 layer, Napkins 40x40 2 layers, Napkins 40x40 folded 1/8 2 layers, Napkins 40x40 tip-tip 2 layers and Napkins 40x40 folded 1/8 double point 2 layers.

The Ecological Napkins in their different sizes are especially for use in the hotel and catering sector: for placing in bar and table dispensers, for caterings, for serving glasses, for plating, for economic menus, for lunches, for category lunch and dinner service. They are very versatile and well priced napkins that can also be used for home use.

The Eco-friendly napkins can also be customized and can become an eye-catching advertising medium and can usually be printed with 1 or 2 inks. In any case, it is an aspect to be consulted in order to take it into account. If you want to bet on the environment, these Eco-friendly Cellulose Napkins are your best choice.


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