Oriental Food & Sushi

At Monouso you can find a large collection of disposable supplies for oriental food: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Thai or Korean. If you have a restaurant that serves food from any of these countries, or any other Asian country, we have the perfect containers to present all your dishes.

We have a wide range of Japanese restaurant items, Chinese restaurant items, Thai restaurant items and more. Our range of products for presenting and transporting sushi is made up of all kinds of containers and utensils so that your restaurant and catering establishment can deal with both table service and home delivery in the best way possible.

  • Everything you need to present sushi
  • Quality and elegance
  • Variety of materials, models and sizes
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If your restaurant's menu does not lack tuna makis, tandoori chicken or three-delicious rice, at Monouso you will find all the elements to meet the needs of your Asian food establishment.

Whether you need solutions to serve at the table or if you are thinking about delivery service, at Monouso you can buy the best packaging for oriental food and sushi. Take advantage of the quantity discounts and get them at the best prices on the net.

Asian and oriental food packaging

We have the largest catalogue of disposable containers for Asian food. The cardboard sushi containers stand out, with a top window and an elegant dark interior; the boxes for noodles, udon, noodles or pad thai, tall and very comfortable to transport, which also allow you to enjoy your dishes directly with your favourite dishes. The diversity of oriental gastronomy has made it possible to create a wide range of oriental dishes, and the diversity of oriental cuisine has made it possible to create a wide range of oriental dishes.

The diversity of oriental cuisine has made these restaurants some of the most popular, both for in-house dining and, above all, for home delivery.

The variety of ingredients such as raw fish, ginger, sweet and sour, madras or teriyaki sauces, kimchi, curry, lemongrass or soya (and its derivatives, such as tofu) has given fame to this cuisine that is gaining followers every day, and this is noticeable in the number of your home delivery orders every weekend, right?

To continue to increase the success of your restaurant, you need Asian food products that allow you to deploy a professional delivery service, whose containers maintain the quality and temperature of your preparations. And that also allow your delivery drivers to deliver them to your customers' homes in optimal conditions.

Some of the most popular are trays for sushi or gyozas; tubs for three-delicious rice, chicken tikka masala, boreks or kachapuris; or containers for Thai soup. All of them are essential packaging for oriental and Asian restaurants and, due to their usefulness and great functionality, they are among the best sellers in this category.

Disposable products for sushi restaurants

Among our non food supplies dedicated to oriental gastronomy, we highlight the section of our catalogue about Japanese gastronomy and all the types of articles you need for an excellent service.

If you serve sushi and other typical Japanese dishes, such as sashimi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki or gyozas, in our online shop you will find all the necessary items to meet the needs of your hotel and catering establishment.

On-site service? No matter what your needs are, at Monouso we have all the products you need for your Japanese restaurant to provide a scalable and quality service.

In our shop we have all kinds of disposable sushi products so that you can serve, present and transport nigiris, rolls, makis, hosomakis, futomakis or sashimi, among others, with the utmost safety, hygiene and elegance. Also other delicacies such as uramakis, temakis or gunkans.

Monouso, supplier of professional items for oriental food

Monouso offers you the largest collection of high quality packaging for Asian food and sushi at unbeatable prices. Take advantage of our quantity discounts to make your purchases with the biggest savings on the net. We have eco-friendly options available: recyclable and biodegradable so that your restaurant can follow a sustainable and environmentally friendly line. Ask our customer service team if you have any questions, we will manage your purchase for you!

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