Sushi Making Supplies

Our Sushi Shop is the place where you will find everything you need to presenta your Japanese creations and all kinds of Asian food. At our Sushi Shop you will find everything from Sushi Supplies to Sushi tableware, which will respect the principles of Feng Shui: simplicity and harmony.

Our range of products is formed by Sushi Trays, for traditional presentations, and Sushi Plates, ideal for the most innovative. To take away, we recommend Sushi Containers and Sushi Boxes – both of which keep the product fresh.

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Sushi Plates

We present you our Sushi Dishes, a revolutionary idea that will change the way of presenting Sushi. Our Plastic Sushi Dishes follow the modern Japanese aesthetic.  Its main material is the synthetic slate so our Tasting Slate Dishes are the revolution of the sector at the time of presenting this innovative kitchen that will revolutionize the most modern Tokyo.  

Plastic Sushi Trays

Sushi trays represent the most zen Japanese style. Available in different colors, the MonoUso Sushi Trays offer excellent finishes for the presentation of the most select sushi. The Sushi Disposable Trays are ideal for Japanese restaurants and for individuals. Asian Food Trays are the best way to present your dinner and have everyone serve themselves as much as they want. You will be the best host with Sushi Disposable Trays!

Sushi Containers

Sushi containers are perfect for presenting your oriental creations in menu mode and for customers to be able to take them from the shop or restaurant to their home or any event. At MonoUso we have a great variety of these Disposable Sushi Containers, perfect for transporting sushi. With the Sushi Containers, the quality and freshness will be maintained, we also have Container Lids, so that the Japanese flavor arrives home!

Sushi Boxes

Sushi Boxes are ideal for transporting these oriental delicacies from the shop or restaurant to your home or any event. In MonoUso we have Sushi Boxes in different sizes and they adapt to all kind of Japanese food like nigiri, maki, uramaki and all you can cook. With the Sushi Boxes the product arrives fresh at home!

Disposable Sushi Chopsticks

Oriental cuisine has become a world reference when it comes to enjoying international cuisine, that's why from MonoUso we want you to feel like an inhabitant of the country of the rising sun and we offer you these Sushi Sticks ideal for eating Chinese noodles, spring rolls, makis, sasimis and a great variety of Asian culinary delights. Also known as Chopsticks, these Disposable Cutlery, should be comfortable to use and are the Bamboo Cutlery used in Asian restaurants.

All the Disposable Tableware for Sushi supplies that we have at our Sushi Shop will satisfy the most demanding amateurs.

At this Sushi Shop you will find all the Disposables for Sushi you need to complete your Sushi Tableware. In our section dedicated to this Japanese specialty you will be able to find from Sushi Sticks and Plates, to Sushi Trays, Sushi Packages and Sushi Boxes for Presentations. And if you're just starting, on our Blog you'll find several posts about it, where we explain how to make sushi – learning how to prepare rice, make the famous California Rolls and many more recipes.

And if what you need are other type of Presentation Plates, don't hesitate to check our Plastic Plates, Biodegradable Plates, Design Plates, Wooden Mini Pallets, Bamboo Mini Trays or Presentation Trays sections.

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