Aprons are the main part of many work uniforms and with them, many companies consolidate their image to the customers. Do you have doubts about which will be better for your business? In MonoUso we offer you different models, long aprons, short aprons, aprons with a purse and a pocket, short or long waist aprons and even plastic coated ones. An endless number of models and colors to combine with your corporate color.

 Find your ideal apron and surprise everyone with your aprons!

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Aprons have evolved over time in line with new trends in the hotel and catering industry. There are various models to meet the expectations and needs of the most exquisite. In MonoUso you will find bib and pocket aprons, which completely cover the body from possible stains or also, the elegant French style aprons, free of fabric in the upper part, knotted at the waist, and with a long cut up to the ankles.

One of the main advantages of the aprons we have in MonoUso is the size of the pocket, which is bigger than the standard aprons. With this pocket, hotel and catering professionals can have their utensils at their disposal while working and thus offer a fast, comfortable service. These pockets can be used to carry all kinds of accessories (saccharine, sugar, change, opener...)


There is a new trend in cloth aprons or aprons, with a cut above the knees. This apron is known as the barman apron or the coin apron. Widely used in service such as catering in bingos, taverns or modern bars where the same waiter performs the function of serving and collecting. A fast service that offers the client the security that they will be served with the minimum wait and, to the employer or owner of the premises, ensures that all customers pay before leaving.

Without a doubt, the apron with coin mech has revolutionized table service, providing speed, efficiency and a touch of freshness in the attention to customers in restaurants. The proximity of knowing that whoever recommends the tapas or the food you are going to order is the same person who will charge you. In this way, you can give feedback on whether the food or drink was to your liking, this is quickly transferred to the kitchen service, closing the circle of the perfect restaurant service. Or you don't know: My compliments to the cook!

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