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Churro Bags

In this category you will find a wide variety of paper bags for different uses. But on this occasion, we would like to highlight two of our star products: paper bags for churros and paper cones for churros.

These bags will make eating your churros a real delight, as they keep their flavour and temperature as if they were freshly made for longer.

  • Different sizes for lazos, porras, churros, fritters, among others.
  • Resistant and grease-proof
  • Easy storage: they take up very little space
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Paper bags and paper cones for churros

There's nothing like freshly made churros: hot and crunchy. These containers are ideal for keeping all their flavour. Paper bags for churros are the perfect solution for your customers to take their churros and porras away comfortably and without smudging. Our paper bags are resistant, so you won't have to worry about them breaking along the way.

Bags for churros in different formats

We offer different sizes and designs in our paper bags for churros. We have fun and colourful prints to catch the attention of your customers. But if you prefer, we also have plain paper bags for a more elegant presentation. So you can choose the option that best suits your business.

Easy to use, paper cones for churros

Paper cones for churros are a practical and convenient alternative for your customers. With them, your customers will be able to enjoy their churros more easily. Moreover, they are ideal for carrying from one place to another without spilling or breaking anything. Your customers will be able to carry them in their hands without any worries.

Buy bags for churros at Monouso

We are sure your customers will want to come back for more! With our paper bags for churros and paper cones for churros, you can offer your customers a complete and satisfactory experience . Don't wait any longer and place your order now.

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