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BO-PP Plastic Square Bottom Bags

At Monouso we know that the presentation of your products is essential for your business, even more so when it comes to foodstuffs where aesthetics are important, such as sweets, candies or nuts. With this in mind, we have selected the best BO-PP square bottom bags on the market which are characterised by the following features:

  • Easy to close and open: you won't have any problem to open and close our bags comfortably.
  • Greater stability: The square bottom provides greater stability to the bags as it allows the contents to rest on the bottom and create a stable base.
  • Transparency: Our BO-PP square bottom bags are transparent and allow you to see the contents of the bags without having to open them first.
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Plastic bags with a very stable bottom

Our BO-PP square bottom bags are ideal for transporting foodstuffs, objects and products of different sizes and shapes. Thanks to their square-bottom design, these bags provide greater stability and load-bearing capacity than conventional bags.

Their BO-PP material, made of bi-oriented polypropylene, makes them resistant to moisture and tearing, ensuring that your products are protected and safe throughout the entire transport, storage and service process.

The bi-oriented plastic bags with gusset and square bottom will become your best allies to store all kinds of food in an orderly way. A whole world of options at your fingertips, depending on the size of bag you choose.

Plastic bags for sweets

These bags are perfect for candy shops and sweet shops where customers can serve themselves the product, even to present sweets at birthday parties and big celebrations, where the little ones will consider these bags as a treasure.

It is a convenient, practical, easy to close and quick to use form of storage. They are bags that you can close in your own way with a ribbon, knot or a plastic guide. Undoubtedly, a quality, competitively priced, clear bi-oriented plastic bags with gusset and square bottom.

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