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The napkin ring is an indispensable piece in the decoration of any table. In addition to its usefulness, it decorates the table and gives it great appeal. In MonoUso we offer you a wide range of possibilities to give your tables a unique touch.

Types of Napkin Holder

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The napkin ring is one of those little details that can make all the difference. It is an object that everyone expects to find on the table when they go to a bar or restaurant. However, depending on the type of napkin ring you choose, it can completely change the decoration of your place.
Napkin rings for bars and restaurants
Plastic, steel, aluminium, wood, bamboo, methacrylate, wire... There are many materials that your napkin rings can be made of and with which you will achieve the perfect organization of the table. In Monouso you will be able to buy the type of napkin box you want according to the look you want to give to your tables.

Extreme quality.
Long durability.
All kinds of designs and colors.
They can completely change the look of your place.

For the more classic ones we have the vertical napkin rings that are used in many bars and restaurants. These napkin rings are ideal for both bar and table service. They are very comfortable to use by the user and their design is practical and functional. Within this type of napkin box you can choose from the classics such as the Plastic Miniservis Dispenser or the Stainless Steel Miniservis Dispenser, which are more resistant and durable.

Following the line of the vertical napkin rings, we also have models made of wood such as the Wooden Napkin Ring Dispenser (17x17) that have a greater resistance and will give your business a more formal and serious touch. If, on the other hand, you want to give a more original look to your tables, a good option is the MaxiServis Stainless Steel Tabletop Dispenser.

Another type of napkin rings are the cocktail ones. Their elegant design makes them perfect for any event. This type of napkin rings are widely used in restaurants, hotels and catering and tasting table services. Within this category you can find a very economical option such as the Methacrylate Cocktail Napkin Ring (20x20), which has a simple and very practical finish. Another option that is very popular among hoteliers because of its good quality-price ratio is the Wooden Cocktail Napkin Ring, the perfect ally to provide a good service in pubs or at any event. With this napkin box you are sure to cover a basic need in any place and, in addition, give an elegant, sober and clean look.

Napkin dispenser
Having a quality napkin dispenser is crucial for your customers to stay clean at all times, they can avoid stains at all costs by taking out one napkin after another with this type of dispenser which can be taken anywhere being portable.

Original napkin boxes
We all know how important originality is in any place that is worthwhile. We like our site to be unique and to have our personal touch, that's why at Monouso we have original napkin rings that adapt to your needs.

Finally, if your priority is quality, the best option is the Bamboo Cocktail Napkin Ring (20x20). Resistant, durable, versatile and sustainable, the perfect choice if you are looking for a touch of elegance.

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