Biodegradable Tasting Dishes

For any business professional the most important thing is to be up to date in the latest trends and products that, in addition, are kind to the environment, for that reason we bring you the widest collection of Biodegradable Tasting Miniatures. Thanks to these Catering Supplies the cuisine professionals will become artists who sculpt their culinary creations in these canvases of great nature and beauty.

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Appetizer and Tasting Spoons

The Tasting Spoons are a sure bet for quality, sustainability and design. Resistant and reusable, these Biodegradable Spoons will serve as a support to present appetizers and canapés in a more modern and distinguished way.

With rounded profiles and a flat base, the Catering Spoons can be Bamboo Spoons, Sugar Cane Spoons or Wooden Spoons, among other miniatures for tasting. They can be presented on trays or plates in a comfortable way and without any risk of overturning. In addition, these appetizer spoons are sustainable, can be reused and do not harm the environment.

Bamboo Mini Tasting Cutlery

In today's most chic events, distinction and environmental harmony are sought, while trying to delight the most demanding palates with a fusion of flavors. For all this, from MonoUso we offer you a collection of Mini Bamboo Cutlery ideal to enjoy appetizers with a touch of quality and natural elegance.

In our web you will find from Biodegradable Mini Forks to Bamboo Mini Knives in different colors. A touch of distinction for your event or reception.

Biodegradable Tasting Cups

Our Biodegradable Tasting Cups are ideal for presenting your best culinary works at any event or catering. These Mini Wooden Tasting Cups belong to the Eco-friendly range, since their manufacture in compostable materials, such as wood or bamboo, gives them an accreditation of being the most sustainable Catering Ware available in the market, they do not harm the environment and offer a greater resistance. 

Biodegradable Tasting Plates

Mini Dishes for Tasting are considered the most ecological alternative when it comes to surprising diners gastronomically in any event or presentation. Our Biodegradable Mini Dishes, although of fine design, are suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers, as they are just as resistant as Plastic Microwaveable Dishes, but, at the same time, less harmful to the Ecosystem 

Pine Leaf Trays

Pine Flake Nozzles are the most popular Mini Catering Trays when serving food with sauces or syrups that could spill in a flat container.

Our Pine Leaf Catering Trays, hand made and 100% ecological, will give distinction and beauty to your reception. Widely used at outdoor events, the Pine Flake Trays will merge nature with the culinary delights presented on them.

Any event is special for the protagonists and there must always be things that differentiate them from the rest, so from MonoUso we have listened to your demands and so we present this collection of Biodegradable Tasting Miniatures, with the sole purpose of being the kings of the event without harming the environment.

Wooden Mini Spoons, Pine Flake Cones and Wood Mini Plates, among others, are some of the minimalist design pieces that will serve as the basis for the food parade you want to make.

To sum up, we offer you Tasting Plates, Tasting Cups, Tasting Trays, Biodegradable Tasting Bowls, etc., 100% compostable, made with cellulose pulp from sugar cane and all are items that can be thrown into the organic can, along with the food remains.

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