Center Pull Paper Roll

Going to the bathroom in a restaurant and not having a roll of paper can be a real drag. Every self-respecting business should take care of its customers and this starts with simple details such as making sure your bathrooms always have toilet paper. The rolls of industrial chemine wick paper avoid this type of situation.

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The paper rolls are perfect for businesses where they work with substances that can often dirty and stain, such as in mechanical workshops, restaurants, industries, hospitals, gas stations, hotels, etc.


They are essential in any bathroom. They offer a feeling of care and cleanliness to the customer. Maximum absorption and softness.

Industrial paper rolls and disposable paper towels are a must in any business as they provide the customer with a feeling of care and cleanliness.

As they are made from embossed pulp they offer maximum softness and absorption thanks to their double layer, which makes them the ideal companion for both drying hands and drying surfaces.

The wick paper roll is suitable for cleaning people and your business. It is very practical as it does not release lint when rubbed with the surface you want to clean and has a good water resistance, so it does not fall apart when trying to dry liquids.

Industrial paper roll helps prevent coronavirus
The maximum softness and absorption thanks to its double layer makes the industrial hand dryer rolls very pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use either at home or in your business.

On our website you can find different models of cheap hand dryer rolls. In the same way, this product can be complemented with soap dispensers. 

Industrial paper rolls
The industrial paper rolls are practical for keeping the workplace clean. We offer high quality industrial paper rolls to ensure absorption.

Industrial pulp paper rolls are used in sectors where hygiene is essential, such as catering, hospitals and mechanical workshops. Therefore, industrial hand drying paper rolls must have high absorption and resistance to unravel. We have industrial rolls with double layer, smooth paste and recyclable smooth paste.

This product can be combined with an automatic soap dispenser to complete the equipment of the public toilet.

Don't miss the opportunity to pamper your customers as they deserve with these paper reels!

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