Plastic Mini Serving Trays

The Plastic Mini Tasting Trays are the most suitable disposable trays to offer canapés in any worthy event. Made of Polystyrene, this composition offers great resistance, durability and shine to our Mini Catering Trays.

Ideal to serve appetizers in a clean and fast way, because they are Mini Disposable Plastic Trays, from MonoUso we offer you a wide catalogue where you will find Mini Oval Trays, Mini Rectangular Trays, Mini Round Trays and Mini Octogonal Trays, in reduced sizes, varieties and finishes.

Don't miss our range of Mini Tasting Trays, with an elegant and sophisticated design, "the ideal complement for your presentations".

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What do all Plastic Mini Tasting Trays have in common?

On the one hand, an elegant and sophisticated design to serve your best presentations. In colours such as marble, transparent, black, white, gold or silver. And on the other hand, they are extremely resistant, so that you can serve them all kinds of canapés at any temperature.

To bet on our Mini Plastic Catering Trays is to bet on elegance, comfort, distinction, hygiene and savings, as they are Mini Disposable Trays and do not need to be washed or dried, they give a perfect service and do not entail much complication when removing and collecting the place.

From MonoUso we also offer a selection of Trays with Lids, perfect when serving canapés outdoors, thus avoiding that the food is unprotected against adversities, weather or insects.

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