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In MonoUso we offer you kraft paper bags that are ideal and in high quality, whether for your bakery, catering or a private one. You also have the option to customize them, excellent for your needs. Cheap Kraft Bags are ideal for you.

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Paper Bags with Handles

Paper bags with handles! Do you know how useful they are? Discover the Twisted Handle Bags. We also have Wine Bags and Pizza Bags. You'll find yours at!

Paper Bags without Handle

The Paper Bags without handles are the most used for small shops as well as for big ones, together with the Plastic Bags, these Cellulose Bags without handles are especially useful for fruit shops and supermarkets. Both in white and in kraft paper, the Paper Handle-Free Bags are the most ecological Biodegradable Disposable Packaging in the sector. 

Kraft Paper Bags

American Paper Bags are the most typical and used disposable paper bags in the industry. They are American Bottom Bags, very common in the United States, whose base is rectangular and their volume is very deep. These Disposable Bags are also known as SOS Paper Supermarket Bags.

DoyPack Stand-Up Pouches

Within our Stand Up Pouches, we can find the DoyPack Bags and also the well known eight-side bags or side gusset, which allow to make the most of any available space thanks to their vertical position and their stable anti-swing bottom.

They also stand out for the convenience of their "Easy Open", which as we can see in many external products, is not always as easy as it seems. In this case, yes! In addition to being able to open and close as many times as necessary thanks to its self-closing Zip.

These Paper Bags also guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability to the customer, as well as flexible packaging and optimum food preservation thanks to the anti-fat lamination, moisture and air-resistant.

Within this category, we can find Bags with a horizontal window, ideal for subtly showing the contents inside without having to open the container. This is a decisive factor compared to a completely opaque product, as 40% of consumers think it is important to see the food inside before buying.


Don't hesitate and choose from the different sizes we have available!

Paper Bags with Hexagonal Base

Cheap Kraft Paper Bags

In case you didn't know what a kraft paper bag is, we want to explain it to you. Kraft paper is a brown packaging paper with greater resistance as an alternative to plastic and that has different uses. The main advantage is that we help world using them and this is why it becomes so popular between all our customers.

In relation to what we have said, many people prefer to stop using plastic bags because of the consequences they are able to have. We give you both options for buying your favourite one, so it is up to you to decide which one to buy. Kraft paper bags are also known as Manila paper bags.

Kraft term comes from German language and its meaning means resistance. These bags are made with a composition that can withstand a greater weight that is not achieved with other conventional papers.

How Kraft paper bags do are made?

To make one of these bags we need paper pulp paste which is obtained thanks to a sulphate, through chemical extraction of pulp from wood. Then wood is cleaned to remove waste coming from cooking and after that you get the paper bags.

The truth is that Kraft paper bags haven’t been very popular because of the image it has, its dark color gives appearance of dirty and who wants to take food next to bacteria... clearly nobody, but this is not a true fact.

These bags are not dirty and help to improve the environment. Currently are often used for making organic product or handmade ones taking special care.

Customers who usually buy these products seek to stop damaging our ecosystem by avoiding plastic wraps.

If you want to help the planet and for example your children for having a better life, you can also contribute to buy this type of bags in which you have different textures, without handles or with handles, different sizes and models.

5 Advantages of paper bags

Customizable, you can put your logo or descriptions to build loyalty in your final customer.

Reusable, kraft paper bags with curly handles can be used in much more times.

Sustainable, again we are able to see what we have said earlier. Paper only needs a few months or in extreme cases a year to get degraded; instead of with plastic it takes centuries to be degraded completely.

Resistant, they can support between 3 and 13 kilos depending on the type of paper bag. If you don't believe us, there are videos in which people are lifted into it.

Recyclable, these are subjected in most cases to a recycling process with an average of 7 times; get now your “boutique bag”.

Kraft paper bag, also known as recycled paper bags, have an elegance finishes, so these Kraft Paper Bags are used for multiple activities, is one of the most used in all types of trade and its use is increasingly fashionable. Inspired by the typical American Paper Bags, our SOS Paper Bags are the best in the market, as well as being Cheap Paper Bags.

The paper bags with handles denote quality and personal style, often used as paper bags for stores for their strength and portability of their handles, in addition are Customizable Paper Bags. Kraft paper bags without handles are for food industry such as supermarkets, hotels or individuals. Within the bags without handles we have several types such as Paper Bags for Hamburgers ideal for bakeries as paper bags for bread.

You can also use plastic bags but Kraft bags are very ecological, you can get through our online store with curled handle paper bags.

You are the one who choose whether to buy cheap paper bags with handles or without them. We take care that the bag is durable and environmentally friendly as possible because we don’t want to harm the environment with our Kraft paper bags. Our goal is to make you and those who come after you happy; this is why we take the environment into account with these cheap paper bags.

You can check the price of paper bags in our categories. You will find paper bags for cheap bread; they are recycled paper bags, get cheap paper bags for trade.

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