Plastic Trays

Plastic Trays are the main focus in the presentation of food in a catering, event or celebration. These Disposable Trays are the most elegant, hygienic and comfortable way to show culinary creations that will captivate all guests. PET Presentation Trays, Hard PS Trays, Microwavable PP Trays, Trays with Compartments, Trays with Lid, FOAM Trays, Economical PS Trays and Fast Food Plastic Trays complete our range of Plastic Trays with which you will have a perfect Disposable Tableware for any occasion. There's no doubt we are in front of a wide offer of Plastic Trays that will help you become the best host.

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Hard Plastic Trays PS

The Hard PS Trays form one of the highest ranges within the Disposable Plastic Trays. Present your culinary creations with these sophisticated and minimalist Hard Plastic Trays ideal as Catering Trays, Catering Trays or even Shushi Trays. Available in different colours, shapes and finishes, these Disposable Trays are strong and lightweight for easy use. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your presentations with these Plastic Disposable Trays. Don't think twice!

Plastic Microwavable Containers PP

The PP Microwaveable Trays, are ideal for events and celebrations where it is necessary the use of microwaves; because these Plastic Trays are suitable for its use since, its high resistance allows that these Microwaveable Trays support high temperatures without deforming or breaking. Made of Polypropylene, you will find Rectangular Trays, Oval Trays and Trays with Compartments available in a huge variety of colors and sizes to adapt to any situation, exposing your food in a very hygienic and elegant way.

Compartment Trays

With the Plastic Trays with Compartments you can serve hot and cold or solid and liquid food in the same Plastic Tray. Widely used in fast food restaurants, canteens and hospitals, these Plastic Trays are the most hygienic option when serving a complete menu. Plastic Trays with Two Compartments and Plastic Trays with Two or more Compartments, together with Catering Trays, with which to present food, and Trays with Lids, make up a range of Plastic Trays with Compartments that will adapt to all your needs. Discover that saving time, money and space is possible.

Trays with Lid

These incredible Plastic Trays with Lids are what you are looking for if you need to keep the temperature and the disposition of the food in good condition before any event, party or meeting. These Catering Trays with Lids are perfect if you need to display, transport or serve a dish in a safe manner and prevent the environment from damaging the food. Make sure that your dishes always look as if they were just served with these Disposable Catering Trays with Lids.

FOAM Trays

Isothermal FOAM trays are mainly characterized by their ability to maintain the temperature of the food, with the clear objective of preserving their properties so that your guests can enjoy the dishes as if they were just served. These Disposable Plastic Trays are known as Porex Trays and are widely used as Catering Trays. Available in different sizes and colours, all our Plastic FOAM Trays offer the possibility of attaching a lid to extend the temperature of the dish for longer, as well as offering you the possibility of clean and safe transport. 

Here you will find a wide range of Plastic Trays ideal for any type of event, party or celebration where the comfort that supposes using Disposable Trays is seeked, because you will only have to enjoy the party without worrying about cleaning.

At MonoUso we seek to cover all your needs, and that's why we offer from gold, silver or with a finish that imitates marble Trays for Catering to aluminum, plastic, paper or cardboard Catering Trays in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Save time and money with PET Presentation Trays, PS Hard Trays, Microwaveable PP Trays, Trays with Compartments, Trays with Lid, FOAM Trays, Economical PS Trays and Fast Food Plastic Trays.

If this is not the range of Disposable Trays that you need, we invite you to scroll through our website to find bamboo, palm leaf or sugar cane (among other options) 100% Natural Catering Trays in our Biodegradable Trays section. We also invite you to discover the Paper Doilies to use on the Disposable Trays to serve all kinds of delights such as cakes, pies or salty snacks. Find Birthday Cake Trays or Party Plastic Trays!

More than 100 Disposable Trays to choose at MonoUso! And with the cheapest price on the Internet guaranteed! Our Catering Trays guarantee excellent quality, and Cheap Plastic Trays offer the best service, so you can present all kind of food without fearing of cracking or breaking them. Make your choice buying our Plastic Trays!

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