Paper Food Trays

Cardboard trays are ideal for pastries, desserts and breakfast, a perfect solution for your presentations. They will become the best option when serving a snack, a lunch or a dinner. Try them!

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The cardboard food trays are perfect for a comfortable and simple presentation as well as glamorous and elegant. These trays are perfect for any business such as bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants, bars or catering or tasting services because of their simplicity and usefulness.


All our cardboard trays are very resistant, as we manufacture them with top quality materials. This way, you can serve heavy foods such as meat and fish in them without fear of breaking or cracking.

In addition, they avoid you having to scrub the utensils once the party is over because they are disposable trays. Cardboard trays from our store will become the best option when serving a snack to your guests in a practical, comfortable and very economical way.

These disposable cardboard trays are made with a very resistant cardboard so they are not in danger of bending or leaking easily, they are all advantages!

In MonoUso we offer you a wide range of options to choose the cardboard tray that best suits your business needs. In different shapes, sizes and colours, our trays range from trays with handles that come in handy when serving a catering, to rectangular and square cardboard trays; both small and large depending on your needs.

You will also find on our website a wide variety of colours so that you can select the one that best suits the atmosphere of your business: we have golden cardboard trays and silver cardboard trays to give it a more elegant and formal touch. If on the other hand you are looking for something more classic and discreet so that the protagonist is the food, we have the white cardboard trays and the black cardboard trays.

Choose yours and improve the presentation of your meals at an unbeatable price!

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