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Paper Pharmacy Bags

Pharmacy paper bags are an excellent option for your pharmaceutical business. This type of bag provides convenience when transporting medicines, as well as being an environmentally friendly alternative.

Buying pharmacy bags distinguishes your business and gives a professional air to your customer service.

  • Recyclable, renewable and reusable
  • Convenience for the pharmaceutical sector
  • Versatility due to the variety of sizes in kraft and white colours
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Practical paper bags for pharmacies

The bags you use in your pharmacy are not only an element for customers to carry your products, but also convey the image of your business. Your pharmacy bags are a detail to take care of to ensure that they add positive values to the image of your pharmacy.

Choosing paper bags for pharmacies means making a commitment to environmental care, convenience and economic savings.

Paper is a very versatile material and has many outstanding characteristics for the pharmacy business, such as its easy handling, easy recycling or its great usefulness when transporting medicines.

Paper bags for pharmacies are a perfect packaging idea for the pharmacy business. The wide variety of colours, formats, types of handles or printing are some of the features that make this type of bags only present advantages for your business.

Paper bags for medicines

You can find different options of pharmacy bags in white or kraft paper. There is also a wide range of sizes available depending on the type of medicine. Of course, you won't be able to use the same size of pharmacy bags for a syrup as for a box of pills. And in our shop you will find the perfect sizes for both!

Don't forget that pharmacy paper bags are environmentally friendly. Because they are made of paper and are a natural material, they are 100% biodegradable.

Paper bags for pharmacies are the option your business needs!

Personalised paper bags for pharmacies

Paper bags for pharmacies are a symbol of this type of establishment. In fact, pharmacies were pioneers in the use of paper bags. Nowadays, they still use paper, but today they have much more elaborate designs to stand out from the competition.

At Monouso we have printed models with pharmaceutical motifs and plain models, perfect for adding your logo, the name of your pharmacy or any other personalisation you wish to decorate your pharmacy paper bags with.

Having an original design on your pharmacy paper bags will give a distinctive touch to your business and contribute to creating a unique identity. Your customers will easily recognise you and know how to distinguish you from the competition.

Also keep in mind that with personalised paper pharmacy bags your customers will be advertising your business every time they reuse your bags to carry things from one place to another.

Pharmacy envelope bags

Opting for paper medicine bags will also give you the choice between models with and without handles.

Pharmacy envelope bags are ideal for small medicine sales.

For sales of larger products, bags with handles are the perfect choice, as they allow you to carry a larger number of medicines more comfortably.

To choose the type of bag that best suits your business, you will need to consider the type of products you sell. Logically, in your pharmacy you will have medicines and products of different sizes and weights.

For products of considerable size and weight, such as packets of nappies or shampoos, the best option is to use pharmacy bags with carrying handles.

However, if you are dealing with light products or medicines, such as a box of pills or an ointment, the bags do not need to have carrying handles. In this case, pharmacy envelope bags would be the most suitable option.

Whether you choose the option with handles or the envelope pharmacy bags, you have the possibility to choose between white, kraft or personalised. You can also choose between different formats and printings.

Cheap pharmacy paper bags

As well as being a functional and ecological option, paper pharmacy bags are a very economical option for your business.

Choosing paper bags for medicines is a very profitable alternative for your business as they are sold in large quantities for a very reasonable price. In short, you will enjoy quantity discounts.

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