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Round PLA Deli Containers

PLA corn starch containers are ideal for storing and transporting side dishes such as salads or fruit salads without the risk of leaks or spills.

Buying corn starch tubs for your catering establishment and using them for your take away or delivery will give a touch of freshness to your dishes and sauces. Their shine and transparency favour the presentation of all your preparations. They are all advantages!

  • Shine and transparency
  • Suitable for cold food
  • Flexibility and resistance
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Practical PLA compostable containers

We invite you to get to know an ecological and versatile alternative for your plastic containers! PLA corn starch containers offer a host of benefits compared to conventional plastic and other synthetic materials. An option that is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers multiple benefits for your business.

Bioplastic containers

Are you worried about the impact of conventional packaging on the environment? Worry no more! Our PLA corn starch containers, a totally natural resource, are 100% biodegradable and compostable, which means that they decompose easily by both human and natural action, each with their own specific times, without generating waste and without polluting. In addition, they are resistant, which guarantees the protection of your food or products.

After use, they can be placed in organic bins to be composted.

Safe and convenient corn starch pots with lids

Need a versatile container to suit different needs? Corn starch containers are suitable for everything from fresh to frozen foods, sauces, creams and desserts. Corn starch containers are ideal for serving and presenting food for catering or tastings and will amaze your customers with their clean and refined finish. This is an elegant way to serve fresh food while taking care of the environment. For those who always want to be trendy, you can use our salad shaker trays and surprise with a modern way of transporting salads.

Are you worried about safety when transporting your cold preparations and foodstuffs? Here they are! Corn starch pots with lids offer all the advantages we have already mentioned above, but with the additional advantage that the lid makes them much more practical and safer for transporting and storing the products. With PLA containers with lids, you won't have to worry about spills or leaks, as the lid closes tightly and securely.

And with different sizes and shapes, you can choose the tub that best suits your needs and products. Whether you need a container for fresh food, frozen food, sauces, creams or desserts, corn starch containers with lids are the perfect choice for you.

Buy PLA containers at Monouso

If you are looking for an ecological, practical and safe alternative for your packaging, corn starch containers with lids are the perfect option for you. With Monouso's guarantee of quality and commitment to the environment, you can enjoy a versatile packaging that respects nature. Choose Monouso's corn starch containers and do your part to take care of the planet! Don't hesitate any longer and join sustainability with our corn starch containers with lid!

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