Round PLA Deli Containers

Your fridge is a mess? Our PLA cornstarch tubs are ideal for keeping your fridge tidy and clean. This packaging is great for side dishes like salads and for storing liquids without the danger of leaks. Plus, the clear, durable finish gives the product a touch of freshness - it's all advantages!

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PLA is a polymer created from natural resources that provides the packaging with all the advantages of a conventional one but in addition they are compostable and biodegradable. That's why PLA cornstarch tubs are eco-friendly, so when you're done using it you can put it in organic containers to be composted by an industrial process and returned to the earth. In addition, as these containers are thermoformed they are lighter, more flexible and resistant, which makes them easier to transport and prevents them from spilling.

Corn starch tubs are ideal for serving and presenting food in catering or tasting. You will leave your customers surprised by their clean and refined finish. This is an elegant way to serve fresh food while caring for the environment. For those who always want to be fashionable, they can use our trays as a salad shaker and surprise with a modern way of transporting salads.

If you want to offer your customers a more complete menu that consists of several dishes, the PLA corn starch tubs are the solution to present the food at a completely competitive price. Thanks to its format, these jars can also be used to store ice cream or yoghurt.

Take the opportunity to equip your business with biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging.

If you are allergic to corn, today is your lucky day! Our PLA corn starch products are compatible with 100% of foods, do not transmit substances, nor contain immunologically reactive traces, so they are compatible with people allergic to corn starch or its derivatives. You can get more information in our blog article.

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