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Plastic Market Bags

Market bags are ideal for transporting food. They are also known as block bags, and are essential for their versatility in any food business. What are you waiting for to buy them?

  • Waterproof
  • Blocks are easy to cut
  • Easy to open
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Practicality in your block market bags

The market bags or block bags will be your great allies to provide an optimal service. With them your customers will be able to buy with peace of mind. Do you know why you should buy this type of plastic bags for your business? Well, for two important reasons.

The first is that they are very resistant for transport and the second is that you can use them to store a wide variety of foods such as fruit, vegetables, pastries or sweets.

Market block bags, also known as low pressure bags, are designed to be used especially in greengrocers, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries and sweet shops. They are generally used as the first packaging for foods sold in bulk, and are commonly seen in convenience stores. Forget worrying about your customers' bags breaking or needing to carry several bags to support the weight of their purchases. With block market bags, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your products will be safe.

Bags with multiple uses in different shops

Market bags have a special feature that defines them. They are joined by a block from which they can be separated by pre-cutting. This block can be perforated so that the packets of bags can be hung in the dispenser. This makes them very practical for use in any food business.

You tear off the bag at the cutting line, take the goods, put them in the bag, close it easily and hand it over to the customer. These bags are often still in use after the customer arrives home. It is very common that the products packaged in them remain inside until they are consumed for the first time, and even afterwards as well.

They are plastic market bags without handles made of high-density PE. They are translucent and recyclable. At Monouso, we have the 4 most commonly used sizes: 21x27, 25x30, 27x32 and 30x44 cm, all 10 microns thick.

They have the declaration of conformity to comply with the regulations of the health authorities. In short, they are quality polyethylene market bags, and at a very good price.

Still don't have any plastic block market bags? Try them and they will convince you.


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