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At Monouso you can find all kinds of items necessary for the local service, delivery and take away of your Mexican restaurant. This gastronomy is a great exponent of flavours and tradition, therefore, it is necessary to have supplies for Mexican food restaurants that protect your food and offer a hygienic and safe solution for its transport. In our online shop we have a wide range of articles perfect for your specialities. From taco holders for your tacos al pastor, carnitas or cochinita tacos (and the rest of your repertoire) to plastic containers for serving tortilla chips or nachos with guacamole and pico de gallo, with various compartments, with or without lids.

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Taco Carrier Brackets

Cardboard Trays for Fried Food

Sugarcane Trays

Fast Food Paper for Baskets

Ecological Sauce Containers

Souffle Cup

Squeeze Sauce Bottles

Presentation Stands for Fried Food

Rectangular Sugar Cane Containers

Paper Napkins

Anti Slip Serving Trays

Hospitality uniforms

If there is one thing Mexican cuisine is known for, it is its colourful presentations full of different vegetables, its intense spicy flavour and the use of spices. It is so special that it is now a Unesco Intangible Heritage of Humanity. And no wonder. At Monouso we are very clear that all the magic you do in the kitchen deserves the best packaging so that your dishes reach your customers in optimum conditions.

Why trust Monouso when buying disposable products for Mexican food businesses? We are not going to give you just one reason, but many!

  • Non-food assortment for Mexican restaurants selected by our experts so that you can count on what you really need
  • Maximum quality of our products: we rely on manufacturers with a long tradition and proven track record.
  • We are always looking for innovation to present you the latest trends.
  • We work with the highest quality materials for your business: cardboard, plastic, sugar cane, wood, palm leaves...
  • Sustainable options in all our articles
  • Commercial support to help you with your purchases: call us and we will advise you!

For our cardboard or sugar cane taco holders we offer you holders to serve the tacos in an organised way at the table or to leave them on the bar while the order is finished. They say that you eat first through the eyes, and a good presentation is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between your guests and your recipes.

Tacos, world famous, have so many ingredients that you need to protect them so that they reach your customers the same way they left your establishment. At Monouso we know the diversity of this type of gastronomy and that is why we have selected all types of tableware and containers for Mexican food businesses: bowls, cutlery, disposable taco holders, steel or sugar cane taco holders or totopos trays.

Plastic tubs or cardboard bowls are perfect for mole or pozole stews, as well as for the typical aguachile. In addition, American boxes are ideal for enchiladas, fajitas, tamales or quesadillas.

Monouso, your supplier of supplies for Mexican restaurants

Our experience and dedication has made us the supplier of choice for restaurants that honour Mexican tradition. For your packaging and tableware purchases, take advantage of our quantity discounts and 24 hour shipping. In addition, we only work with permanent stock so your orders leave our warehouse quickly, without delays or backorders.

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