PE Plastic ZIP Lock Bags with Euro Slot

PE bags with zip lock are amazing for their strength and transparency, but what happens when you want to put your products in linear displays, but you can't find the right bag? We bring you the perfect solution!

Plastic bags with zip lock and euro slot punches are perfect for storing products to be hung on a shelf for sale or display. These plastic bags allow the customer to see perfectly the product they contain and facilitate a proper display of the product. They are made of polyethylene and are characterised by:

  • Convenience: Easy commercial display in linear displays thanks to their unique design.
  • Transparent: its transparency allows the product to be seen without the need to open or manipulate the container.
  • Euro slot in the upper part: perfect for different types of commercial display.
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Zip bags for shelf display

Do you want bags to display products for sale or to arrange them in a linear way? PE bags with zip lock and euro slot punch are just what you need. The euro slot in the top of the bag makes it easy to place in linear displays. Monouso has bags of this model in different sizes and all of them are made of polyethylene with sufficient thickness to be considered resistant and durable.

PE bags with euro slot for shelves

This type of plastic bags with euro drill are ideal to have the products hanging on shelves in your business. There are all kinds of products such as nuts, spices, food and others that fit perfectly with the size and characteristics of our bags.

These bags are ideal for shops selling products that customers can pick up from a shelf. They will help you to present the products in your displays so that the customer is able to serve himself, according to his needs. This will save you time and convenience as our euro slot punch bags will allow each customer to serve themselves as they see fit.

Our zip bags with euro slot punches will become the best option for your pocket, as they are perfect for any type of business.

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