PE Plastic ZIP Lock Bags with Euro Slot

Zippered Plastic Bags and Eurobags are perfect for storing products and hanging them on a shelf for sale or display. These Clear Plastic Bags let the customer see perfectly the product they contain. Made of Polyethylene, in this section you will find different sizes, from 8x12 cm, to 11,5x33,5 cm.

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    Ideal for displaying hanging products on shelves or shelves, the Ziplock Plastic Bags and Eurobags are the perfect packaging for your business. Nuts, spices, food or different products are perfect to be presented in this type of Plastic Bags.

    These Clear Plastic Bags will help to present the products so that the customer is able to self-service according to their needs. The Polypropylene Drill Bags are an easy and simple solution for product storage and display.

    Our Zip Drill Bags will become the best option for your pocket as they are perfect for any type of business. But this is not all, if you are looking for more types of Plastic Bags for your establishment, here you will find several formats and storage features: Bags for vacuum packaging of food, Plastic Bags without closure, Bags with ZIP closure under pressure, ZIP Plastic Bags with writing bands, Market Bags, etc. This is only a small part of the Food Packaging in Plastic Bag format to help you improve the development of your business activity.

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