Cocktail Plastic Bags

The Cocktail Bag has become the most chic revolution when it comes to enjoying a refreshing drink, an appetizing snack or some sweet chocolates. Made of Biodegradable Polypropylene, our Cocktail Bag is resistant and specially made to withstand high and low temperatures (from -40Cº to 100Cº). The Plastic Cocktail Bag, with a maximum capacity of 1 litre, is suitable for all types of food use and is perfect for serving refreshments at Beach Clubs, Beach Bars, Swimming Pools, Gyms, Spas, Spas or any outdoor event.

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    The Cocktail Bag is suitable for all kinds of food uses, serving everything from smoothies to soft drinks, infusions or cocktails.

    With a capacity of up to 1 litre, our Cocktail Bag does not include a closure method, although we at MonoUso advise you to use a rubber band or a plasticised wire and we recommend that, for optimum closure, the content does not exceed 400 ml.

    With a size of 8 centimeters base x 5 centimeters opening and 24 centimeters high, the cocktails in plastic bags is perfect for events and receptions outdoors, because its great resistance avoids danger of breakage and are easy to collect and clean. Savings and hygiene go hand in hand with our special Cocktail Bags.

    Where were the Cocktail Bags born?

    Savings and chance gave life to this modern way of enjoying a refreshing cocktail. The great tourist affluence that lived decades ago Mexico took to the hotelkeepers to serve the drinks in Plastic Bags, which was an economic and clean way to sell its concoctions, ended up being the last fashion among the bartenders. A few years ago, Korea and Japan took the baton from Plastic Bags, as you could see everyone on the streets enjoying juices and combinations in Plastic Bags. And from there to the most modern hysteria in the world of packaging today, the Ecological Cocktail Bags.

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