Rectangular Plastic Containers

Rectangular plastic containers are the perfect solution for storing, transporting and heating your food! With a wide variety of materials, from polypropylene (PP) to OPS, these containers are practical and resistant, making them the ideal choice for all types of food, whether to take away or to store at home or at work.

What's more, their rectangular shape makes them very practical for organising and making the most of space. Don't waste any more time and get your rectangular containers now to enjoy your food in a safe, comfortable and practical way!

  • With a practical shape that allows them to be stacked.
  • Resistant
  • Versatile
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Microwavable Containers Rectangular PP

Versatile rectangular plastic containers

Rectangular plastic containers are a popular and versatile choice for food storage and transport. These containers are as practical as their geometric shape, making them the ideal choice for keeping our food fresh and organised.

Nothing beats the convenience and versatility of these handy containers!

Practical rectangular containers made of different materials

Best of all, these containers come in different materials to suit your needs! Need to heat your food in the microwave? Polypropylene (PP) rectangular containers are your best choice. Lightweight and resistant, these containers are the perfect choice for enjoying a hot meal at any time as well as being able to heat it conveniently in the microwave.

Are you worried about the safety of your food when transporting it? OPS rectangular containers are your answer. With their robustness, these containers are the ideal choice for those who are looking for a reliable solution to transport their hot food without any worries.

Practical rectangular shape of plastic containers

But the rectangular shape of these containers is not only practical, it will also help you keep your food fresh for longer! Their resistance to moisture and air ensures that your food stays fresh for longer, while their geometric shape makes them easy to store and transport.

Buy Monouso rectangular plastic containers

At Monouso, we know how important the quality and safety of your food is, which is why we offer a wide variety of options for hot and cold food, designed with high quality and resistant materials. With our rectangular plastic containers, you'll have peace of mind that your food is always in safe hands!

Rectangular plastic containers are the perfect solution for food storage and transport. Practical, resistant and available in different materials to suit your needs, these containers are a reliable option for anyone looking for the best quality and safety in their packaging! Don't wait any longer and get your Monouso rectangular containers today!

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