PLA Salad Bowls

Your salads already have a new ally! Our PLA cornstarch salad bowls are perfect for carrying your meals around without the danger of spilling the contents and staining everything. In our catalogue you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. And enjoy!

Active filters packages are made from natural resources such as corn starch or potato starch, so they are organic products with the advantages of conventional food packaging. Take the opportunity to taste your salad while protecting the environment.

Are you worried about the fate of your packaging? Eating out can seem like a hassle: you have to carry your tupperware everywhere, the food comes out of the package, you get stained... with PLA cornstarch salad bowls it will be easier for you: it is so easy to throw the package in the organic bin, but with a clear conscience because it is a biodegradable product.

PLA corn starch salad bowls are very comfortable, safe and easy to transport. Moreover, as they are thermoformed, they are resistant and flexible, which prevents the product from spilling.

In MonoUso you can find PLA corn starch salad bowls in different sizes, from the smallest to containers of more than one liter capacity where you can take any fresh food safely and without worries. Choose the option you like!

You won't have problems with allergies, visit our article to get out of it.

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