Hard Plastic Reusable Glasses

Looking to give your guests a unique and incomparable service? Hard reusable plastic glasses will help you do just that. With them you can save money while contributing to the sustainability of the environment as you can use them again and again with total peace of mind while providing your events with extra security, they do not break and resist any blow or impact.

Enjoy the wide variety of designs of reusable plastic glasses that you will find in our extensive catalogue, we are sure you will find the one that fits your needs and your budget.

  • Easily pass for glasses made of glass
  • High temperature and shock resistance
  • Shine, transparency, elegance
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If you see them, at first you will probably think that they are made of glass, but until you hold them in your hand and discover their lightness, you will not know that you are looking at reusable hard plastic glasses, as their resemblance to traditional cups is astonishing.

And not only that, but you are also looking at hard plastic glasses that are practically unbreakable and will do the function of the traditional ones, but with great advantages in terms of hygiene, health and economy.

Reusable plastic glasses

Whether for wine or any other type of drink, with or without alcohol, these reusable plastic glasses raise the level of your service. That's why they will be your customers' favourites at outdoor events such as weddings or anniversaries where practicality and elegance go hand in hand. No matter how loud the toast, these glasses can take it all.

Our hard plastic wine glasses help preserve all the authentic flavour of the wines you serve at your venue, catering, event or party. The quality of their materials ensures that there is no transmission of flavours or aromas. With reusable wine glasses your customers will exclusively enjoy all the notes of the wine your guests are tasting.

Among the hard plastic glasses in our catalogue, the reusable balloon glass also stands out, especially for mixed drinks such as gin and tonic.

A natural ally of our glasses are the plastic ice buckets, a product that combines perfectly with these resistant products that fit so well in elegant events.

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