Plastic Mini Tasting Cutlery

Mini Tasting Cutlery is a distinctive touch in any Catering Presentation. In MonoUso you will find from the typical Plastic Fork to the Plastic Spoon, the Plastic Knife and the Snack Spoon. These Disposable Cutlery offer a smaller size than the traditional cutlery, but they are very resistant and have a design that makes them look like the classic metal cutlery. More economical and hygienic, our Mini Plastic Cutlery is specially designed for diners to enjoy the food at any outdoor celebration, where at the end of the service everything is picked up in the blink of an eye.

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    The Mini Catering Cutlery will bring more elegance and distinction to your event. Made of polystyrene, these small-sized disposable cutlery offer great resistance to high temperatures and constant use, do not alter the taste of the food and are not deformed by constant handling.

    We offer a wide range of Plastic Mini Cutlery for Tasting, ideal for the hotel and catering industry. Disposable for Catering that do not require maintenance, easy to assemble and collect, and represent an important saving in time and money.

    Surprise your customers with our exclusive line of Plastic Mini Tasting Cutlery and combine your reception with the Catering Accessories you will find on our website.

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