Bags for bottles of wine, cava or beer

Present your wine and champagne bottles perfectly with our economical bottle bags. We have white or brown kraft wine bags or champagne bottles. Bottle bags for storage and transport, there is no better way to present them to your customers or for your event. Some bags are for one or more bottles of wine, it will be an easy way to transport them.

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    If you are looking for a wine or champagne bottle bag, see what we can offer you.

    You want to pamper every detail of the product and the point of sale, now is the time to choose a nice paper bag to match your brand to deliver each customer their bottles in the best possible packaging.

    A bag, big or small, simple or luxurious, classic or daring...
    Would you like to offer a few bottles of champagne for Christmas ready to refresh your customer? Choose our bottle bags, with which you can offer a valuable gift inside and which you can use on several occasions.

    Wine bottle bags are an excellent accessory to offer your customers a bottle of wine. They are perfect for wine merchants. We have them for 0.75 or 1 litre bottles.

    We have bags of different colors, adapted to the tastes of the client, of different materials and fabrics: you can choose. In addition, if you want to emphasize your commitment to the environment, we recommend the paper bottle bags.

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