Disposable Clothing

It is important to have disposable workwear to perform your professional duties. The fundamental objective in the food and healthcare industry is to offer the highest quality, safe and healthy products and care. This is why professionals in these sectors, in addition to guaranteeing quality throughout production, must avoid contamination of products or patients.

To achieve this goal, Monouso offers a wide range of high quality, hygienic disposable clothing.

  • Maximum comfort for employees and customers
  • Protection and safety
  • Cleanliness
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Hygiene and safety with our disposable workwear

For the protection and hygiene of your employees, clients or patients, the best thing to do is to use the disposable clothing that Monouso offers you.

Disposable clothing is perfect for a wide variety of applications, from the food and health industry to beauty and wellness. In addition, the practicality of our disposable clothing is unparalleled. Our products are easy to use, convenient and can be easily disposed of after use. This means that our customers can concentrate on their work, without having to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of their clothes.

In our shop you will find all types of disposable clothes so that workers in the food processing industry will not contaminate or spoil the quality of products. Another of the main objectives of this single-use clothing is that employees themselves will not suffer any accidents. Disposable workwear is designed to protect employees' bodies from hazards such as cuts, stains, splashes and abrasions.

We stock all types of disposable clothing. If you do not find what you need, do not hesitate to contact us, we will surely be able to provide it.

A wide range of disposable clothing

And what are the products you will find in our extensive catalogue? Let us summarize them for you:

Our disposable gloves are perfect for keeping hands protected against contamination. Available in different sizes and materials, they are perfectly suited to the needs of each client. Disposable caps are ideal for protecting hair and maintaining proper hygiene in places such as the food industry and healthcare.

Disposable masks are essential to protect us from dust and different types of particles. At Monouso we offer a wide range of masks, including surgical masks, FFP2 masks and KN95 masks.

Disposable gowns, coveralls and kimonos are ideal for maintaining hygiene in work environments where chemicals, food or other hazardous substances are handled. We also offer disposable shoe covers and boot covers to keep feet clean and protected at all times.

Finally, our disposable underwear, including thongs and boxers, are perfect for maintaining hygiene and comfort in situations like beauty treatments or spa visits.

Buy the disposable underwear you need

At Monouso, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive, high quality products to our customers. All our products are designed to ensure maximum protection and hygiene at all times. Visit our online shop and discover the best option for your protection and comfort.

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