Disposable Clothing

The main objective of both food and health businesses is to offer highest quality, safe and healthy products – that is why professionals in these businesses  must avoid contamination of the product or patient, within ensuring quality throughout their production. In order to achieve this goal, MonoUso offers you a wide catalogue of high quality and totally hygienic Disposable Clothing. From Disposable Caps to Disposable Masks, Coats, Bibs, Tangas, Sheets, Cuffs, Shoe Covers and Gloves.

If what you seek is the protection and hygiene of your employees, clients or patients the best thing is to use the Disposable Clothing that MonoUso offers you. All types of clothing necessary for workers who perform a task in sectors such as food businesses not to pollute or spoil the quality of products.

One of the main objectives of this Disposable Clothing is that the employees themselves do not suffer any accident, since the Disposable Clothing serves to protect their bodies from dangers such as cuts, splashes and abrasions.

On our online store you will find pieces of clothing designed with high quality and resistance such as: Coats, Gloves, Caps, Masks, etc.. All of them adapt perfectly to your body and are easy to put on and off. We have all types of Disposable Clothing. If you don't find what you need, don't hesitate to contact us, we will surely be able to provide it.

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