Disposable Oversleeves

Our Disposable Sleeves are ideal for protecting the upper extremities of the arms in laboratory, clinical or food work. These wrist guards, which cover from elbow to wrist, are made of polyethylene and prevent the worker from coming into contact with what he or she is handling and from spreading germs to the food or surgical materials. These Disposable Sleeves may be complemented with any of the Products in our Disposable Clothing catalogue.


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For protection, hygiene and safety in the upper extremities, Monouso offers a wide range of disposable sleeves. Guaranteed protection for the arms of workers in laboratory or food stations, these arm covers prevent contact with whatever is being handled or treated and thus protect from damage and prevent contamination of food or surgical elements.

Manufactured in polyethylene, they are available on our website in blue, white or green, with elastic bands to hold them in place. Ready for different modalities: lab sleeves, cooking sleeves, etc.

These disposable sleeves are widely used in food companies such as: slaughterhouses, meat industries, wineries, soft drink manufacturers, spice, sauce and oil producers, fish farms, bakeries and pastry shops. Don't think twice and give your business a healthy touch with our disposable wristbands.

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