Food Packaging Wrap

Food paper and film are products designed to contain, present or preserve all types of food. From a grocery shop to a trendy take-away, wrapping is one of the key players in food handling.

Depending on their application, the materials used in food wrapping paper are as different as paper, aluminium, plastic... Its uses range from its main use as a solution for transporting food, to freezing ingredients or even cooking at high temperatures in ovens and frying pans. That's why at Monouso we offer you a wide variety of articles to preserve your food and the satisfaction of your guests. Take a look!

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What is food paper and film?

As you have already seen, food paper and film are products designed to preserve, present and contain food.

After having introduced you to paper for food use and having analysed the main types of wrapping, we are going to review the most interesting characteristics. We will now take a closer look at some of the details.

Characteristics of food grade paper and film

Food paper and film materials

Depending on the needs of each product, we must take specific measures. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the material of our food paper and film. Here are the main materials we work with:

  • Plastic is incredibly useful for food handling because of its hygienic capabilities. Not only is it flexible and easy to handle, but it is also extremely easy to recycle. Having trouble keeping your ingredients fresh? The insulating capacity and incredible impermeability of our transparent film will solve this problem for you. Your food is as fresh as the first day!
  • Aluminium is a must in all establishments. Have you ever seen a kitchen without any aluminium? Neither have we. It is highly recommended in the catering sector as its surface does not generate any kind of germs. Moreover, aluminium is one of the most easily recyclable materials and therefore contributes to a sustainable kitchen. Who doesn't like a hot meal on a cold day? Aluminium is perfect for retaining the heat of your favourite dish. Don't worry, whatever the food, the shape of this material adapts perfectly.
  • Paper is undoubtedly the most versatile material in food preservation. Depending on its finish and manufacture, it has many different characteristics such as: easy handling, easy recycling, great utility for transport... We would have to invent a new language to list all its qualities. No matter the origin of your business, at Monouso we have enough types of paper to help you. In our catalogue you can find: waxed paper, silicone paper, greaseproof paper, paper for fast food...

We have so many varieties that the easiest thing to do is to recommend you to visit our product categories. If you want to see all our types of paper for food use, do not hesitate to visit our shop.

Uses of food film and paper

We are already clear about the qualities of each material, but what are they for? No need to worry, we explain their different applications so that you know exactly what to do with them.

Do you work with fresh food? No problem. Our products are ideal for establishments such as butchers, fishmongers, take-away food businesses and many more examples. The insulating capacity of Monouso food cling film allows your food to keep for days. Not only that, but our wrapping is perfect for bakery businesses. Do you prepare the sweetest desserts? Monouso food wrap retains the flavour and protects your product. Your customer will enjoy their food as if it were fresh from the oven.

There are diners who prefer to enjoy their favourite menu anywhere. For them we have a special place in our heart (and our catalogue)! If you have a take-away food business, we offer you different paper wrappings. Whether it's chestnuts, hot dogs or waffles; we help you to make your flavours travel around the globe.

Want your customers to remember your business? Our personalised food wrapping paper has different designs and colours to choose from. If you want your image and your food to stand out from the rest of the establishments, we invite you to visit our online shop. It's the first impression that counts!

Paper and food film for food preservation

We have already mentioned that the quality of paper and food film is of vital importance when it comes to serving and preserving food in good condition. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is that customers are increasingly involved in the production and provenance of the products they consume. According to studies, 70% of consumers want to know the origin of the food they eat. So imagine how concerned they are about the packaging of that food.

Food preservation is a practice that has been studied for thousands of years. Over time the world has evolved and new needs need to be met. For example: each ingredient requires specific handling conditions in order not to lose its properties; controlling temperature, humidity or exposure to light is vital for preservation; for your product to be fit for consumption it must be stored properly... see what we mean?

At Monouso we make sure that diners can enjoy the full experience of your product. That's why we offer a different solution for each type of customer. Whether you work with vegetables, meats, pastries, etc... we have the necessary food film to preserve them in optimum conditions.

Whatever your problem is, Monouso can solve it!

Ecological food film and paper

We have a wide range of food film but only one planet. We know that paper and food film are very popular products in the catering industry. Due to their large production, more and more recyclable alternatives are being sought.

At Monouso we are committed to you so that you can continue to work with high quality fresh food. That's why we make it easy for you to buy ecological food paper to preserve your food.

So that you can continue to offer happiness to your customers for thousands of years to come, you can find out more about our ecological catalogue. Please contact us!

Designs for food paper

Nowadays if you want your establishment to succeed, you need to stand out. Takeaway profits have increased by 30% recently and are expected to continue to grow. At Monouso we know this and that's why we have adapted to the market. We offer personalised food packaging paper. Our wide variety of designs will make your food the centre of attention:

  • Our white paper is simple and elegant. If you need your product to stand out, this classic design will show its true beauty.
  • Nothing reflects the timelessness of flavours better than newspaper-based designs. Does your restaurant embrace tradition and commitment to customers? So does Monouso.
  • Are you daring and want to break the mould? Geometric prints will help you stand out like a rock star.
  • For fans of American style and good barbecues we have paper with square patterns. If you want to be transported to the famous Route 66 Monouso takes you there.

The best image for every establishment!

Monouso, paper and food film supplier

We know that professionals in the hospitality industry strive more than ever to meet their customers' expectations. At Monouso we are committed to quality. Looking for a food film and paper supplier? You've found it. We have a wide range of products that you can consult in this category and in our catalogues.

At Monouso we are ready to help you in any way, whether in the kitchen or so that your customers can enjoy their food anywhere, we are with you.

Always at your disposal to buy paper and food film

You certainly can't say that food wrapping is not a part of our lives. No matter how old you are, food wrap is always with you. It is a familiar and timeless product that not only preserves food but also memories: the first sandwich of our childhood, your favourite dish prepared in a packet, that smell when you open the paper with your grandmother's biscuits in it?

At Monouso we want to help you preserve the best experiences. That is why we are committed to the manufacture of paper and food film that allows us to handle and preserve all types of food.

Do you need more information about food paper and film? Do not hesitate to contact us. Preserve your customers with the same efficiency as our products, bet on Monouso!

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