Food Packaging Wrap

All food stores need Food Film, as it is the most hygienic way to serve all types of food and meat, so this is why we show us this Paraffin Paper.

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PVC Food Wrap Film Rolls

Coils of PVC food film, essential in the catering and hotel industry, should be in every kitchen that is appreciated. With PVC Food Film your food will stay fresh. 

Foil Food Wrap Rolls

Aluminum Food Coils are one more tool in the kitchen. They keep food fresh and are also used for baking. Aluminum foil is a must in your kitchen. 

Natural Kraft Paper Rolls

Manila Paper Reels are used in different sectors for their properties: strength and flexibility. Manila Paper is a safe bet for wrapping delicate products.

Manila Paper Reams

Manila paper reams, ideal for protecting your products. Manila Paper is resistant and flexible and therefore suitable for preserving what matters to you.

Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone Baking Paper is your greatest ally when cooking with the oven, as it is the most suitable for cooking and baking food. With Silicone Baking Paper the oven will not resist you!

The quality of paper food has vital importance when it comes to serve and keep food in good condition. At Monouso we have implemented a full range of pastry paper, greaseproof churros paper and take-away food wrappers to provide comprehensive solutions for taking-away businesses.  In addition, you can also find aluminum foil, PVC reels and plastic food film.

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