Cup Carriers

Buying drink and cup carriers is necessary for all those catering establishments that include take away among their services. What's more, if you include them and are looking to offer the best service to your customers, then they are essential.

To comfortably transport one or more cups, there is no better solution than coffee cup carriers or cardboard cup trays.

  • Maximum convenience for transporting several cups
  • Guaranteed handling without burning
  • Professionalism for your take away
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At Monouso we have available for the cheapest price on the Internet a wide selection of cup holders and cup trays.

Cardboard cup holders

Cardboard cup holders are the perfect choice when you have an order for two piping hot cups of coffee, tea or any other hot beverage. However, they are also very useful for carrying cold drinks.

These disposable cup carriers allow you to prepare the order to go quickly and efficiently, and offer the customer a convenient system to carry their two glasses safely in one hand. And in style!

Cardboard coffee cup holders or coffee carriers

These cardboard disposable cup carriers offer you one of the safest ways to serve two coffees to go.

Thanks to the top handle, the customer does not have to touch the hot cup at any time, so on the one hand it does not get burnt, and on the other hand it does not touch the cups of the other guests.

Cardboard cup holder tray

We have cardboard trays for coffee cups with holes for 2 or 4 cups. This type of trays are designed to facilitate the movement of several glasses at the same time, which makes it easier for a single person to transport an order with this number of glasses, which otherwise would be practically impossible to carry.

For coffee, soft drinks or ice cream, these cup trays with recesses are the easiest way to transport glasses in home delivery.

In addition to cup slots, some of these trays have a space for carrying an extra part of the order, such as toast or pastries in the case of coffee, or something to nibble on when accompanying soft drinks or beer. For this reason, they are also known as menu cup holders .

They are great for transporting glasses and are made of high quality cardboard, so they are very stable.

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