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Are you a takeaway food lover looking for the perfect packaging for your products? You don't have to worry anymore! At Monouso we have everything you need for your customers to enjoy your favourite preparations anywhere. In our extensive catalogue, you'll find a wide range of packaging designed specifically for takeaway and delivery service. Best of all, they're organised by application so you can find what you need quickly and easily!

In our food packaging by application category, you'll find a wide variety of packaging designed specifically for every type of food and occasion. From biodegradable to airtight packaging, at Monouso we have everything you need to keep your food in perfect condition and fresh from the kitchen until it reaches your customers' tables.

  • Wide range of containers organised by application for easy searching.
  • Designed to guarantee the safety and quality of your products.
  • From heavy duty to airtight packaging, we have everything you need.
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Find your packaging by application at Monouso

Do you want to savour a juicy and delicious burger at the office? Or enjoy crispy, flavourful tacos in the park? Or a dessert to round off the evening? Don't worry! If you are a take away food lover or have a take away or delivery business, you know how important it is to have the right packaging for each type of food.

At Monouso, we know that the take away world is a constantly evolving market, that's why we have packaging designed specifically for a particular application, so you can be sure you'll have the best possible experience with each and every one of them.s the best possible experience with each one of them and in this category you will find them conveniently sorted by application to make your purchase much easier, do you want to take a look?

Here are some of the most popular containers and their main features:

Burger packaging

Yes, you read that right! We have packaging specially designed for hamburgers. With these burger containers, you won't have to worry about sauce or toppings falling around the burger. Everything will stay in place, allowing your customers to enjoy a perfect, juicy burger wherever they want it.

Taco containers

Let your customers take their favourite tacos with them without them falling apart or losing their flavour. Our taco containers and taco holders are designed to keep your tortillas crisp and ingredients fresh, so they can enjoy delicious tacos on the go.

Sushi container

Are you a sushi fan? Don't miss out on our selection of specially designed containers to carry your sushi rolls safely and without falling apart. With different sizes and shapes, you'll find the perfect sushi container to take your sushi anywhere, from the office to the park.

Candy and dessert containers

If you have a sweet tooth, our sweet and candy containers are the perfect solution for carrying your favourite sweets safely and without spilling. With different sizes and designs, you'll find the ideal packaging for your needs.

But wait, it doesn't stop there. Do you like pancakes and waffles? No problem! We've got carefully designed crepe and waffle packaging to take with you wherever you go, so your customers can enjoy them on a leisurely stroll, in the park or at home - whatever they prefer!

Buy the perfect packaging for your business

Wait, that's not all! In our extensive category of packaging by application, you'll find even more options so your customers can enjoy their favourite foods conveniently, wherever they prefer.

We have sturdy packaging for all kinds of preparations and needs:

Whether you need an oil-resistant container, with a clear lid to show off fresh ingredients, or with an easy opening for handling with chopsticks or a spoon, you're sure to find the perfect container for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy your favourite takeaway in total convenience!

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