Clear Plastic Ice Cream Cups

The Transparent Ice Cream Pot is a convenient packaging to taste the delicious ice creams. The crystalline aspect of the Transparent Ice Cream Terrine adds an elegant touch to the presentation of the product.

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Transparent Ice Cream Tubs are made of PET and also PS. Therefore, these Ice Cream Containers have a high quality finish. The PET Ice Cream Trays are lightweight and, above all, very resistant to possible impacts. On the other hand, the Transparent Ice Cream Containers of PS are distinguished by their rigidity and thermal insulation. Transparency is one of the characteristics of both materials. Due to it, the appearance of the Plastic Ice Cream Cups is very elegant and reinforces the presentation of the ice cream.

We have Transparent Plastic Ice Cream Cups in different sizes. From Small Ice Cream Pots to larger Clear Plastic Ice Cream Pots, ideal for those with a sweet tooth.

To complete the range, we also offer several models of Ice Cream Pot Lids.

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