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Greaseproof Paper Food Packaging

Greaseproof paper wraps are paper wraps designed to protect, serve and transport oily or saucy foods. Because they are made of oil-resistant paper, they are lightweight and won't leave a stain on diners' hands.

Packaging is just as important an element as the ingredients used for a menu. That is why in many food cultures it becomes part of the food. For example, sushi is usually wrapped in a thin layer of seaweed, another option is to cover the food with banana leaves, as in Caribbean cuisine.

So, if you want to get the most out of the qualities of your products, you have to choose the right wrapping. So, we invite you to take a look at our extensive catalogue of greaseproof paper.

  • Highly resistant to oils and sauces
  • Facilitates hygienic transport of foodstuffs
  • Versatile: for all types of fried or oily foods
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Greaseproof paper wrappers are made to cover, carry and present food that has been cooked with oil.

Now that you have had a look at our extensive catalogue of greaseproof paper wrappers, it is the perfect time to introduce you to their main features, applications and designs.

Personalised greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper wrappers are compatible with all types of food. From simple but delicious hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, to elaborate wraps with a base of lettuce and guacamole, no ingredient is left out, no matter how oily it is. So it's no wonder that these wraps are made of a material that can adapt to any situation.

Thus, our wrappers are made of a very resistant and flexible food-grade paper, which allows them to easily mould to all products. Moreover, as its name suggests, it is designed to resist all types of fats and oils, thus preventing drips and stains on customers. But its advantages don't end there, it is also lightweight and takes up very little space, so it can be easily transported and stored.

It has become clear that food-grade paper is a very versatile and handy packaging. So that your customers can enjoy your products without fear of getting dirty, we offer you a wide range of paper for fast food.

Paper wrapping

Now that you know the properties of our materials, you know why our hamburger greaseproof papers are of high quality. However, they still hold a lot of secrets, including the fact that they are one of the most advantageous and widely used packaging materials. As we want you to choose the right one for your establishment, we have made a list of their most common uses:

  • Greaseproof paper wrapping for food trucks
  • Greaseproof paper wrapping for restaurants
  • Greaseproof paper wrapping for take-away food establishments
  • Grease-proof paper wrapping for fast food
  • Greaseproof paper wrapping for parties
  • Greaseproof paper wrapping for street stalls
  • Greaseproof paper wrapping for hamburger stands

Who doesn't like a good burger? Made with the reddest tomatoes, crispy lettuce and a thin layer of sauce on top; we're sure there's nothing tastier. That's why customised burger wrapping paper protects the food from outside agents such as air, thus maintaining its qualities for longer. In addition, thanks to its oil resistance, it does not deteriorate and prevents customers from staining.

The first priority for catering establishments is to make customers feel comfortable. Especially in those where the menu comes with a good portion of sauces and fried food. A happy diner will always come back again. Therefore, the greaseproof paper wrappers are designed for quick handling and easy storage, allowing for careful and efficient service. And not only that, thanks to their materials they are light and strong, so they offer safe transport with maximum comfort.

It has become clear that every food must have the right packaging. In order to stand out and be remembered by customers, every little detail must be chosen to match the establishment. For this reason, our greaseproof wrapping paper comes in a wide variety of patterns to suit any theme.

Ecological food wrapping paper

Spain is the third largest recycler of paper in the EU. This is thanks to a 32% increase in paper and cardboard recycling in recent years. This is undoubtedly an x-ray of the habits of Spanish consumers. For some time now, issues such as the appropriate use of resources or the application of natural energies have become a decisive factor in judging establishments and products.

It is not surprising that customers choose one business over another just because of the waste generated by its packaging. For this reason, if you want to attract the most conscientious diners you should have greaseproof paper for recyclable food in your premises.

In this way, at Monouso we have a large number of ecological greaseproof paper wrappers. With them you can walk towards a sustainable future with your most loyal customers.

Fast food paper

It is to be expected that a fast food paper as versatile as greaseproof paper wrapping is so widely used in the catering sector. But of course, a burger bar is not the same as an oriental restaurant. For this reason, we have a wide variety of patterns and designs for greaseproof paper wrapping:

  • Looking to make your products the centre of attention? Our white greaseproof paper contrasts perfectly with the natural colours of the food, creating a perfect canvas for your culinary creativity.
  • Newsprint wrapping paper gives your establishment a traditional look. They also add a handmade finish to your food presentation with old tabloid prints that will make diners feel right at home.
  • For barbecue and American style lovers we have greaseproof paper wrappers with square patterns. If you want your customers to feel the authentic experience and taste of a steaming barbecue, these are the right wraps for you. Moreover, you can choose from different colours according to the aesthetics of your establishment.

Without a doubt, we can assure you that every establishment has different needs. In order for you to find the one that best suits your business, we have a large catalogue of paper for hamburgers, hot dogs, arepas, Mexican tacos or kebabs and other dishes that are easy to stain.

Monouso, supplier of greaseproof paper wrappings

According to studies, consumers are spending 28% more money on food than in previous years. This means that the food sector is in excellent shape. However, it should not be forgotten that more food consumption means more demand for packaging. This is why we have become an excellent supplier of greaseproof paper sales. Therefore, we have a large number of greaseproof paper wrappers:

  • White greaseproof paper wrappers
  • Newspaper-style greaseproof paper wrappers
  • Checkered greaseproof paper wrappers
  • Kraft greaseproof wrapping
  • Greaseproof paper for hamburgers
  • Greaseproof paper with logo

At Monouso we are committed to the dedication and drive that hospitality workers are bringing to the catering industry. So we want to make their work easier by offering them an extensive catalogue of greaseproof paper food wrapping at the best prices. And always with discounts on bulk purchases.

Experts in greaseproof paper sales

Wrapping any kind of object is considered a synonym of affection, it is a way of showing importance and concern. In cultures such as Japan, it is not only about embellishing a product, but also about capturing the feelings that the person who wrapped it wanted to express. There is no doubt that an action is a better way of expressing and exchanging feelings than words.

Therefore, if you want your customers to feel that each product is made with the greatest care and detail, new greaseproof packaging is undoubtedly the right choice.

Do you need more information to buy take away food packaging? We invite you to contact our customer service department. We will answer your questions without any problem!

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