Greaseproof Paper Food Packaging

Our Anti-Grease Food Wraps are manufactured with a special paper that absorbs liquids and grease without letting them pass through to the customer's hands or clothes. Perfect for wrapping any kind of food, these Anti-Grease Paper Bags are ideal for serving hamburgers, sandwiches and all kinds of buns. And in our section you will also find a Space Wood Cone to wrap this type of packaging.

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The greaseproof paper wrappers, made of the best quality greaseproof parchment paper, are perfect for street food businesses, food fairs and outdoor events where customers can enjoy their snacks, sandwiches or burgers without fear of staining or spilling the food.

These greaseproof paper bags are open in half so that the customer can take the food and eat it without fear of staining. They also serve as Take-Out Food Wraps and become the best advertising weapon for your business, as they can be personalized with the logo, name or colors that represent it.

If what you need is another type of Food Packaging do not hesitate to consult our sections of Plastic Packaging, FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Sugar Cane Packaging, Aluminum Packaging and Take Away Packaging.

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