Sugarcane Cups

Sugar Cane Glasses are one of our most environmentally friendly products. Made from the remains of the sugar cane plant (bagasse), which remains after the extraction of the sugar juice, these Organic Disposable Cups are very stable and have a smooth finish that is very pleasant to the touch. The Extra Strong Sugar Cane Cups are suitable for hot drinks and can withstand microwave temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

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The Sugar Cane Cups, made from the fibre pulp of this plant, are recognized as one of the most ecological drinking utensils on the market, since after their use they decompose in less than 4 months.

Resistant, ecological and suitable to be used in microwaves, the Sugar Cane Glasses are becoming the essential utensil to give elegance and sustainability to our presentations. Available in different sizes and shapes, these Disposable Cups can be perfectly complemented with the rest of Sugar Cane Products in our catalogue, such as Sugar Cane Plates, Sugar Cane Bags, Sugar Cane Containers and Sugar Cane Trays, all of them perfect for your hotel, restaurant or catering business.

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