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Double Open Bag

Have you ever thought about changing the way you present and serve your burgers? Our triangular paper bags for food packaging are indispensable for all kinds of businesses and uses. Ideal for your customers to enjoy everything from pastries to sandwiches, snacks and other foods in a convenient way.

Moreover, thanks to their great practicality, you will surprise your customers in your Horeca business (hotels, restaurants and catering) with their comfort. Do you dare to give a touch of originality to your food?

  • Made with renewable materials.
  • Disposable and recyclable.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of foods.
  • Practical, functional and hygienic.

Oh, by the way: We have them in white, in a natural finish and with a newspaper print. Which one suits your business best? You decide!

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Double-opening paper grease-proof bags

The easy and quick it is to serve your preparations inside and how practical it will be for your customers to consume them will make them the perfect accessory you need. The 2 sides open greaseproof bags are easy to use thanks to their simple but neat design. 

These two sides open bags are perfectly suited to the needs of your take away, street food business or food truck, as they allow you not only to serve a wide variety of food inside, but also to store them easily without taking up too much space.  

And you may ask, how are these bags able to hold any food, even the greasiest? Our bags are made from paper with a waxed finish, which makes them perfectly suitable for direct contact with the food without the transfer of grease, oil, liquids or moisture. 

In addition, their side cut allows fatty foods to be placed inside the bag more easily and comfortably, without spills or stains. By inserting food through the opening, direct contact with hands is avoided, improving hygiene and reducing grease transfer - a great advantage your customers will not forget!

Practical and resistant grease-proof paper bags

At Monouso we have paper bags open on both sides in different designs, sizes and colours. Made from totally renewable and sustainable materials, as they are made from a combination of cellulose fibres, take a look at them!

Doing our bit for the environment is one of our tasks. We are committed to taking care of the planet and trying to use materials as environmentally friendly as possible. Paper is the best alternative to fulfil our purpose and transmit a conscientious and committed image. 

Do you want to know all its advantages?

  • Quick access: Side-opening paper bags allow quick and easy access to the contents - no fuss, no delay!
  • Increased convenience: No more tearing or opening the top of the bag. The side opening gives you a quick and convenient way to insert and remove items.
  • Clear visibility: with their side opening, these bags offer a clear view of the contents - view your products effortlessly!
  • For all types of food: they allow you to wrap and present all types of food, as they act as a barrier between the food and the surface, preventing grease from getting through and thus keeping the surfaces underneath in good condition. You can add all your favourite sauces to your juicy burger without spilling liquids through the paper. Convenient, clean and easy.

Whether you are a fast food outlet, takeaway, kebab shop, delicatessen, caterer or even a food truck, you will find it especially useful when preparing and transporting or consuming food for your customers. Offer quality in both product and presentation!


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