Machine Pallet Wrap

Do you want to protect your goods from knocks and scratches during transport or storage? Palletizing film is the most sought-after option and in MonoUso you will find everything you need.

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The palletizing film guarantees the protection of your products against dirt, dust or moisture. It also provides extra safety during transport and will prevent damage. This makes it perfect for use in industries, factories and workshops where packaging and shipping is done in large quantities.


Wrap your products quickly and conveniently.
Protect them from knocks and scratches during transport.
It prevents them from getting dirty.

Stretch film for palletizing is made of polyethylene and has a high elasticity, which makes it ideal for wrapping products easily, simply and without danger of tearing.

Our palletizing film for packaging is simple, practical, clean and also economical. So you can be sure that your products will reach their destination intact for a really competitive price

On our website you will find different models of film for palletizing and colours: on the one hand we have the transparent film for palletizing and on the other hand we also have the black film for palletizing which guarantees the confidentiality of the product and prevents theft as it prevents the goods being transported from being seen. Both are a manual palletizing film model and can be purchased individually or in packs of 6 reels.

In addition, if your business needs film in large quantities you will also find on our website the automatic stretch film palletizer, ideal for automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines.

Protect your products in the easiest way possible!

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