Large catalogue of different supplies for pharmacies. At Monouso you will find paper bags specially designed for customer service in pharmacies, in different sizes and colours. Including typical pharmaceutical prints, but also plain designs in white or kraft, so you can personalise them with your business information. With or without handles. We have bags made of TNT, reusable, perfect for premium purchases in your establishment (cosmetics, nutrition, orthopaedics, etc.). In addition, we have selected the best gloves, masks and hydroalcoholic gels. And don't forget our gel dispensers, perfect for inviting your customers to disinfect their hands when they come in.

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Paper Pharmacy Bags

Manila Paper Reams

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Surgical Mask

Hand sanitizers

Paper towel and hand soap dispensers

We want to cover the needs of your pharmacy in some basic supplies that you require in your day to day. Therefore, in our catalogue we have dedicated an extensive section to disposable products for your business such as paper bags with pharmaceutical prints, reams of paper (for wrapping), masks or gloves, among others.

Pharmacy bags allow you to offer a professional image to your business. They are comfortable, practical and make your services more elegant. Our models are very sustainable: the paper ones are biodegradable and can be recycled once they have served their purpose, while the TNT fabric ones can be reused. Your regular customers can use them again and again for their purchases in your shop!

For smaller transactions, you can choose to have reams of kraft or white manila paper available. The latter are customisable. It is a perfect and discreet option for dispensing small (or few units) medicines: you can wrap them easily, you protect your customers' privacy and you don't need to hand out a bag.

Both options are environmentally friendly and economical and convey professionalism when serving your customers. Can't decide on one? Contact our customer service team and ask for advice, we'll be happy to help!

Monouso, supplier of disposable supplies for pharmacies

Our careful selection of quality products at unbeatable prices makes us the most visited option by pharmacists to get their disposable supplies for pharmacies. Get the items you need for everyday use with quantity discounts and guaranteed permanent stock: if you see it on the web, we have it in stock. So we can offer you 24-hour delivery.

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