Plastic Mini Serving Bowls

Creams, mini salads, fruit compote or all foods that need a deep container to be presented can count on our range of Mini Plastic Taste Bags. These Disposable Bowls, made of polystyrene, with high gloss, durability and resistance, are ideal for creating unique and original services in caterings, buffets, cocktails and events of all kinds.

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In our Mini Tasting Bags section you will find a wide range of shapes and designs, as well as offering a magnificent presentation and quality. The Mini Finger Food Bags have become a must in the world of catering, as our Mini Disposable Tasting Bags will provide an original touch to your presentation.

Available in different models, shapes, colours and finishes, the Mini Plastic Bags will create unique services and if they are combined with other Catering Accessories such as the Plastic Miniatures, Biodegradable Miniatures and the Skewers, Tweezers and Skewers they will create unique spaces that everyone will remember.

Our Tasting Bowls are Mini Disposable Bags, so they will achieve greater hygiene, safety and profitability as they do not require any kind of maintenance and represent a significant saving also in time, water and detergent.

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