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Stands for Finger Food and Cones

Miniature and cone stands are an essential tool in the catering industry for the elegant and sophisticated presentation of miniature culinary creations. These stands are designed to highlight smaller dishes and give them an impactful presentation at events, weddings, corporate dinners and other social occasions.

With their wide range of styles and designs, miniature tasting stands have become a must-have choice for those looking to add a special touch to their event.

  • Elegant: miniature and cone stands are designed to present your culinary creations in an elegant and sophisticated way.
  • Practical: they are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them perfect for catering events where efficiency is key.
  • Versatile: miniature and cone stands are available in a wide range of styles and designs.
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Stands for miniatures and cones: perfect presentation

The latest novelty in terms of catering! Because at Monouso we want your events to shine with their own light, we have created this category of food display stands that, we are sure, will catch the attention of all your guests. Presentation stands are containers designed to display, hold or protect foods that stand out easily.

If you are passionate about gastronomy, you know that the presentation of dishes is as important as their taste. In the world of catering, the success of an event depends to a large extent on the quality and presentation of the food. However, catering stands are not only decorative, they can also hold a wide variety of food of all kinds.

Our stands are carefully manufactured with different materials, all of them resistant and of high quality:

The stainless steel of our racks is very easy to clean. Its composition and smooth finish make it easy to wash, a little water and soap will be enough to leave it spotless. In addition, it resists extreme temperatures, both high and low. So you can serve your products without fear of affecting their structure. Not only that, they are highly recommended for food handling. This is because their surface has superior hygiene, as external agents are not able to adhere to them.

Made of metal, they are extremely rigid and difficult to break. Their high density makes their surface resistant to all kinds of falls and scratches, so your products will be safe at all times. In addition, their natural shine contrasts beautifully with any ingredient and draws attention to their colours and structure. And it doesn't stop there, they also retain heat exceptionally well, so your food will arrive at the table as if it were still in the pan.

Different uses for display stands

Presentation racks are very versatile containers and have thousands of different applications. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Presentation racks for restaurants
  • Catering presentation stands
  • Presentation stands for parties
  • Presentation stands for events
  • Presentation stands for exhibitions
  • Presentation stands for confectionery

Our stands are compatible with all types of food, no matter how they are cooked and what ingredients your recipes contain. They have a smooth finish and a natural shine that flatters any food and will keep your customers' eyes peeled. In addition, these stands are very sturdy and allow for a strong and reliable grip.

Eco-friendly food display stands

Consumers need a great deal of transparency when it comes to food information. The vast majority of diners are concerned about the harvesting process of their food, the hygiene of the establishment or the quality of life of its employees.

Among the issues on customers' minds is the use of environmentally friendly packaging. This is demonstrated by the 24% growth in the purchase of green products. So, if you want to satisfy the demands of your diners, you must have eco-friendly proposals in your business.

Establishments must have a philosophy of ethical and responsible consumption of resources, in this way they will be aligned with the concerns of their customers. For this reason, we have a wide variety of reusable presentation supports that will avoid the misuse of raw materials.

Present your miniatures and cones in a stylish and practical way

At Monouso we have made a careful selection and in our catalogue you will find holders for miniatures and cones with a wide variety of designs and finishes, from transparent plastic to elegant metal stands. All our mounts are designed to help you to be in the lens of any camera.

With our miniature and cone stands you can add that special touch to any event, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other type of celebration. Thanks to their versatility, you can use them to present all kinds of food and drinks, from cocktails to desserts.

Monouso, supplier of presentation stands

The restaurant industry has been growing steadily over the years, as demonstrated by the 36,763 million euros spent annually in the hotel and catering industry. This increase in restaurant visits is undoubtedly the best news the hospitality sector could receive.

We want this trend to continue in the future, so we are determined to do our bit. That is why we have become a reliable supplier of presentation stands. We have a long list of products to improve the ambience of your establishment.

At Monouso we want to reward the effort and dedication of hospitality professionals to satisfy the needs of their customers. For this reason, we focus on offering an extensive catalogue of presentation supports that live up to diners' expectations.

A restaurant is not only about selling the most delicious food, it must also offer diners a complete and interactive experience. A well-designed ambiance and décor can transport customers to places and times they have never been before. Discovering new cultures and unexplored flavours is just a fork's length away.

Don't wait any longer and make your events unforgettable with our tasting stands. Order now and start creating impressive presentations quickly and easily!

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