Tiered Trays

The Appetizer Tasting Stands, made of plasticized cardboard, are the special Canapés Exhibitors to showcase culinary creations to diners eager to have the beauty of the presentation represented on their palates.

On our website you will find Miniature Supports in different designs and with shelves at various heights. Manufactured with resistant materials that provide presence to the food without subtracting any security, these Display Stands for Presentation end up being the protagonists of the big tables where the beauty of the composition plays a very important role.

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    The Miniature Holders are the best Catering Accessories to present to guests the most select and delicious culinary creations. Our Catering Displays are the latest in disposable catering equipment.

    If the objective is to present, in an elegant and simple way, tapas, appetizers, canapés or starters, these Presentation Stands offer four floors, in different sizes to pyramid the food and differentiate the different creations.

    The Aperitifs for Tasting Stands are ideal for high-end catering. The result is obvious: food pyramids on geometric shelves, providing a harmonious and balanced sensation.

    Is the plastic-coated cardboard resistant?

    Our Canopy Stands, made of cardboard with a PET layer, offer rigidity and durability, withstand high and low temperatures, and are resistant in humid environments or outdoors. This material is made from grease resistant, waterproof and recyclable and is approved by the Ministry of Health and the Food and Toxic Administration.

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