PP Plastic Gastronorm Trays

Gastronorm Trays are plastic containers ideal as plastic food containers. Manufactured in different volumes, the Gastronorm Containers for Thermosealing, offer you a remarkable reliability and resistance. Due to their manufacture in Polypropylene, these Plastic Food Containers are widely used in the hotel and catering industry, to pack all kinds of food, fresh or cooked, such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits; or in take away establishments as Take Away Food Containers. Gastronorm trays available in different sizes and colours, make up a wide range of heat-sealable plastic packaging that will adapt to any need.

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    Gastronorm Trays are perfect as Plastic Containers for Thermosealing, because thanks to its manufacture in Polypopylene, these Plastic Food Containers are ideal for packaging, with modified atmosphere, all kinds of fresh or cooked food.

    Available in different sizes and colors, Gastronorm Heat-Sealable Containers are widely used in the hotel, restaurant and take-away industries. With the Gastronorm Trays it is very easy to pack meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, but that is not all! They are the ideal Take Away Food Containers, due to their condition as Microwaveable Containers.

    What are Gastronorm measurements?

    Gastronorm (GN) is a format of standardized measures that allows to unify under the European norm EN631, the volume of the containers used in hostelry, so that they can be adapted perfectly to shelves, carts, sinks, refrigerating chambers; and a long etcetera of equipment designed around these measures so that the compatibility is complete.

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