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BO-PP Adhesive Flap Closure Bags

Biorented plastic bags with adhesive flap are an excellent way to store all kinds of products, including foodstuffs.

They are made of PP and are therefore very flexible, strong, waterproof and non-polluting. In these BO-PP bags with hook-and-loop fastener you can see everything stored in them at a glance.

  • Highly functional thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener
  • Transparent for a clear view of the contents
  • Adhesive closure
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Useful cellophane bags with adhesive flaps

Looking for a versatile and secure storage and organisation solution? Bioriented plastic bags with hook-and-loop fastener are the perfect answer. In this category, we highlight the BO-PP cellophane bags with adhesive flap, a particularly useful option for a multitude of uses.

Bioriented plastic bags with hook and loop fast eners are a very effective way of storing, organising and even transporting items. It is a bag with an adhesive flap that perfectly resists low temperatures, with a very easy, comfortable, safe and airtight closure.

These bags are ideal for storing and transporting food, as they preserve its integrity and freshness. But not only that, their functionality is wide and diverse: tablets, cables, spare parts, jewellery beads, hardware items, buttons, batteries, needle kit spools and sewing thread, everything can be stored safely and organised in these bags!

Plus, their adhesive flap design allows for easy access and immediate viewing of the stored contents, making them the perfect choice for keeping all your products neatly organised and located. No more endless searching or clutter, with these bags you will always have everything in sight and under control!

In short, if you are looking for a versatile, resistant and efficient storage and organisation solution, don't hesitate to choose our BO-PP cellophane bags with adhesive flap. Take advantage of all its benefits and discover the best way to store and transport your products!

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