Individual Tablecloth 30x40cm and 35x50cm

Splashes that we don't want to dirty the table, leftover food that falls off the plate, that fork that plays a trick on us when we prick the meat. These are all situations in which our customers need extra protection to guarantee their hygiene. For this reason, tablecloth are ideal to avoid food stains on your furniture during service.

The main advantage of these tablecloths is their practicality. Due to their size and lightness, they are easier to handle and lay than tablecloths that take up the entire table, which saves time and effort when setting the table, thus considerably improving the speed and efficiency of your establishment.

But they also have a wide range of other advantages:

  • Personal use: you will use a different one for each customer and discard them after each service, so you can forget about washing and ironing them.
  • Personalised service: you can create an attractive and pleasant atmosphere with the tablecloths, totally in line with the spirit of your business.
  • Easy to store: they are completely flat, so you can store them conveniently, without taking up a lot of extra space.
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Tablecloth: a smart choice

In your business you focus on practicality, hygiene and comfort when serving your customers, don't you? But you also work every day to make their experience unique and make them feel at home. To achieve this, you need the best materials. That's why at Monouso we have a wide collection of tablecloth that adapt to any hospitality business.

They are as economical as they are versatile and, moreover, they are made of different materials and different designs, so you can choose the model that suits you best at all times. An extra freedom and a new creative way to show the personality of your establishment.

Single-use tablecloth 

But we can't forget about the extra protection provided by single-use tablecloths. That extra security against stains that will increase the confidence of our customers. Imagine a team of executives who only have a short lunch break between meetings during the day. They have to look impeccable, don't they? It shouldn't be ruined by an unfortunate stain on the sleeve of their blazer from leaning too close to a fork or knife covered in sauce or oil! A detail that can ruin a whole day and leave a bad taste in the customer's mouth.

The advantages of individual tablecloths

Among the advantages of these individual paper tablecloths:

  • They are economical
  • They combine perfectly with other products made of the same material such as napkins or cutlery envelopes.
  • They are very useful when the table needs to be cleared and cleaned up.

Tablecloths for the catering trade

The lightness, ease of transport and the time saving of not having to wash or iron these tablecloths make them the perfect solution to the lack of time in any catering business.

But as they are disposable paper tablecloths, this practicality also has a direct effect on diners, who are assured of total hygiene, as no one has ever eaten on this surface before. On the other hand, you can't forget the great savings in time and effort by not having to wash the tablecloths every day to keep them looking impeccable. With disposable tablecloths you'll get a brand new look every time you serve!

Disposable tablecloths are practical additions because they lighten table set-up and take-down, which saves staff time. In addition, paper tablecloths keep the table protected against impacts and possible spillage of water and other beverages.

The tablecloth you need

As you have seen, these utensils are suitable for any catering establishment, but the design of the paper tablecloths you can find at Monouso makes them a true personalisation of your establishment's look. Elegant, vintage style, for trays, for parties... Which option best suits your business?

Paper tablecloths offer numerous advantages to improve service. And if you've ever wondered where to buy tablecloths , Monouso has the answer. You can find tablecloths of all kinds of materials that will adapt, without any doubt, to your business and your needs.

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