Individual Paper Tablecloth 30x40cm

Paper Placemats are a simple and practical alternative for setting up the table. With the Single-Use Tablecloths you will save time in an economic way. Our Single-Use Paper Tablecloths are the perfect complement for casual lunches with friends, snacking dinners and quick meetings. In order not to stain and to give a touch of distinction to your table, you can combine our Disposable Paper Table Cloths with matching Napkins, Cutlery Kangaroos, Table Runners and a wide variety of Disposable Products that you can find in our online store.

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    You've probably seen many different types of placemats, with branded logos or even with texture. But in addition to highlighting the versatility of the paper placemats, we can also boast about their great durability.

    The table covers make any eating occasion more special and create a beautiful canvas for your meal, pictured and perfect for instagram!

    One feature that stands out besides protecting your tables, is that this translates into less cleaning, better hygiene and more time to enjoy your guests. Designed to mix and match with the rest of our collection.

    Paper Placemats offer numerous advantages to improve service. That's why our Single Use Placemats are an economical item ideal for bars and casual dining. The Disposable Tablecloths are practical complements because they lighten the assembly and collection of the table, saving time for the staff. In addition, the paper tablecloths keep the table away from impacts and possible water spills.

    We have several designs of Disposable Placemats: Paper Tablecloths decorated with white motifs or with borders and Coloured Paper Tablecloths.  So you can combine the Paper Placemats with the decoration of the room and even with the dishes. They can also be personalised, as the Customised Paper Placemats help to strengthen your store's brand.

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