FOAM XPP Burger Boxes

With the disposable burger containers from FOAM you can serve the burgers and get them to keep the temperature longer, thanks to the thermal properties of FOAM. FOAM packaging is perfect to withstand high temperatures and to insulate the outside. 

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For the hamburgers there are two ways, either they are wrapped in greaseproof paper, or on the contrary they are introduced in Thermal Packaging for hamburgers, the first one is cheaper, while the second one is of higher quality. These Disposable Burger Packs are made with FOAM, so they are isothermal, this means that they hold more heat in the burger preventing it from getting cold for a longer period of time.

The second property of the FOAM containers is to avoid the container itself to get hot, this way the customer will never get burned even if he has the container in his hands.

These Hamburger Shells are perfect for all types of take-away businesses, for all those businesses that serve take-away burgers or eat in the same restaurant you can use this type of Food Packaging. Quality is something essential in many establishments, that's why Monouso proposes this type of range as a possibility for your business.

Wrap your burgers with style thanks to Monouso, so remember, buying Hamburger Packaging for FOAM on our website is synonymous with success, as we always have the best disposable products on the market and the best price you can find throughout the network.

At Monouso we like to boast that we have the best pre-sale and post-sale prices and a wide variety of payment methods for all tastes, this makes us the company that transmits more confidence of the Internet. Buying with Monouso is buying with confidence and peace of mind.

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